November 11, 2008

I found myself and my family in Western Connecticut earlier today.  We had planned on visiting a train museum, but it was closed on Tuesdays.  So I asked the guy at the hotel desk for suggestions.  The casino was out because of my kids ages.  Then he mentioned something I had not thought of.  We were only a few miles from New York state.  What about visiting West Point Academy?  I love history.  And so does my wife.  Considering today is Veterans Day, it just made too much sense.

After attempting to drive in the military entrance, we found the Visitors Center and signed up for a tour.  The tour was a mini bus which stopped in a few places around the campus with a guide explaining the various buildings.  There were also a number of exhibits related to the history and daily life of West Point at the Visitors Center.  Sort of behind and to the right stands the West Point Museum which houses a history of weapons among other things.  Definitely worth the look.  I should make a point here, in case it was lost in the ‘history’ comments, that while this is steeped in history, it is current as well.  There are right now over 4000 active cadets/students at West Point Academy who had to compete for the right to attend.

We were not sure what to expect.  But karma seems to have made today, Veterans Day, a great day to visit West Point.

And I agree with my fellow blogger, SuperFly.  This is a day to stop and remember that thousands have given the great sacrifice to get us where we are today.  They are worthy of our thanks and our respect.

~ pictures taken from West Point’s web site with utmost respect.  http://www.usma.edu/publicaffairs/vic.htm If using them here is a concern, just let me know and they will be removed.  eskovs@hotmail.com ~


Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • Pierre Airmax says:

    Back in the day West Point used to be an open campus and many a weekend my family would drive up there from the City and hang out on the campus. It was an absoutely beautiful place and it’s a shame that access is more restricted now than it once was (though, obviously I understand why).

    There are few things cooler as kid that being able to sit on a *giant* cannon, and proclaim that hill top officially safe from invaders :0)


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