13 of the Worlds Vilest Villains – Almost
November 8, 2008

This time it is Mattel which shows its love of the Legion of Doom.

Even when they had just permission to make the Batman and Superman related characters, the Legion’s influence on Mattel could be seen.


Scarecrow & Bizarro


Lex Luthur & Brainiac

When Mattel gained the overall DC license, the LOD expanded its sphere of control.


Wave 2: Black Manta & Gorilla Grodd CNC


Wave 3: Sinestro & Solomon Grundy CNC


Wave 5: Riddler & Wave 7: Captain Cold

Just Announced for Wave 8: Giganta

That leaves only Cheetah and Toyman.  What happens when they arrive and the Legion of Doom is at full force?  I suspect a lot of reenactments of "This is the Challenge of the Super Friends!"

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
"Gathered together from the four corners of the universe." Oh, wait, that's the show, not me. Erik "SuperFriend" Skov never actually got to appear on the show, although he did watch it every week. Erik spent 6 years working for Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI before leaving for a job that paid more (Why else would a collector leave the company that was making Star Wars, Transformers, and while I was there Batman). I used to post all over the net. These days I tend to hang my hat at AFI.
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  • Jim Abell says:

    Hmmmm,… Toyman would be a good candidate for next year’s Walmart wave based on the choices included this year.

  • Thatman says:

    Here’s hoping. The DCD Justice Toyman’s not a bad stand-in for the time being, although I hope Mattel makes their own. And Cheetah is a must have.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Nice piece – I didn’t realize they were that close to completing the whole set. How many more members of the Super Friends do we need? Just MM & Green Arrow? Very cool.

  • Jim Abell says:

    Actually, texgnome, MM was never one of the “Super Friends”. If Green Arrow pans out for next year that would only leave Plastic Man from the comic-to-series Super Friends, but there would still be the show specific characters (I’ll skip Black Vulcan since DC claims he was Black Lightning all along) like Samuri, Apache Chief, El Dorado, Rima, Zan, Jayna, Gleek, Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog.

  • Hellpop says:

    Rima was also a comic book character, Jim, but has no relation to the JLA.

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