Articles for May, 2006


by AFi Admin
May 21, 2006
By Daniel/Julius For any of you that have been to Comic Con and seen a hand painted 2-up prototype of a Marvel Legend figure you know that you have considered a bit of larceny to get something that cool into your collection. Well now Marvel Toys (Toy Biz) has taken everything they have learned from…


by AFi Admin
May 2, 2006
By Mike "SDComics" Walker and Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer. In the theory of better late than never, here are a good portion of the pics taken by AFI of the stuff shown at Wizard World Los Angeles, along with commentary on what was revealed by the always comprehensive SDComics! For SD’s full report including more pics…


by AFi Admin
May 2, 2006
MARVEL LEGENDS- MONSTERS Boxed set By Daniel/Julius and General Zod Man, whenever this impressive Marvel Legends train comes screeching to a halt, some toy geek is going to write volumes on what a comprehensive and brilliantly marketed line this has been. This on again, off again, on again set has finally become a reality. And…