2018 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Hyper Phase Voltron First Look
July 16, 2018

Last year, Playmates amazed everyone with their 16″ Voltron based on the Netflix show.  As a lifelong Voltron fan and collector, I was really impressed at how much bang you got for your buck.  Now, with the demise of Toys R Us, for which I believe this would’ve been an exclusive, we get this set as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive courtesy of Entertainment Earth.  Thanks to the fine folks at Playmates, I’ve got the opportunity to give you all a sneak peek at what you can expect when you pick up yours at the show!

The box is huge, and includes all 5 lions and their accessories.  So the big question:  Whats different this time around?

All 5 lions feature new paint apps, and new weapon accessories.  The voice chip works the same, and appears to be the same exact chip used in the previous version.  The new weapons all fire projectiles, and all in all are pretty cool, and add new life to the separate lions.

Assembled, this new version of Voltron looks very similar, with his repainted black bits.  The most notable new feature are the new wings, which look fantastic.  It gives Voltron a very regal look, and the clear blue plastic is a nice touch.

Here’s a couple of images comparing the first version with the new Hyper Phase Voltron.  AS a true fan, I definitely needed both!

Thanks for taking a quick peek at this awesome SDCC exclusive!  I’m getting reading to hit the road, thanks to Playmates for sending this review sample along before the show, have a great Comicon everyone!


These samples were provided by Playmates Toys.

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