2018 SDCC Transformers Exclusives Review!
August 11, 2018

Some of my favorite exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con were the Transformers available at the Hasbro booth.  I was especially excited by the Optimal Optimus repaint, which included the rest go the Prime Masters figures!  Check ’em out below, courtesy of Hasbro!  These figures are available on Hasbro Toy Shop this Monday, August 13th, for those who couldn’t make it to the show this year.

Optimal Optimus Throne of the Primes

This is the one is was dying for!  He’s essentially a repaint of the fan vote winner Optimus Optimus, but pointed in the colors of the original Optimus Primal.  His core unit transforms into a smaller Optimus Primal, which also forms the “surfboard”.  This version also includes a removable crown and scepter/club, which opens to allow up to four prime masters to attach to it, increasing it’s destructive powers.  Also included are the three remaining prime masters figures, which won’t be coming to retail.  As a bonus, the mysterious “Thirteenth” prime master is included.  The cardboard throne is removable, and includes a try to hold all 12 original prime masters.  Epic.  don’t miss out on this one!

Bumblebee Studio Series Retro Rock Garage

This one came out of left field for me!  This set includes the currently available Studio Series Bumblebee in gold, and two new vintage style micro cassettes!  We’ve already seen this Bumblebee figure, but man he looks great in gold.  Also included are the two new micro cassettes, which not only transform, but combine What?!?!?!?

Be sure to grab yours starting on Monday at Hasbro Toy Shop!

Until next time, this is Captain Collector, and I’ll see you in the toy isles!


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