Marvel U Predictions: 1 Year Later
April 28, 2010


I posted a blog a year ago with my Top 10 (well, 11 really…I snuck Stegron the Dinosaur Man in at the last minute!) picks for Hasbro’s 4" Marvel Universe line. Boy, was I off. Way off. Here we are, a full year later and I am a solid 0 – 11.



You can check out that original blog here.   But for convenience sake, here’s the list:

1. Cable
2. Apocalypse
3. Nighthawk
4. Man-Thing
5. Planet Hulk
6. Nova
7. Doctor Strange
8. Captain Marvel
9. High Evolutionary
10. Bug from Micronauts.
11. Stegron the Dinosaur Man

Now, a World War Hulk is strongly rumored to be coming soon thanks to some leaked card artwork from Mike Deodato a few months back, but that’s still not the helmet and shield version. Close, but not quite.

A year later not much has changed for me personally on that list.  Cable and Apocalypse are still tops in my book.  A lot of that is for sheer nostalgia. I haven’t read either of Cable’s last two series, nor have I read an appearance by Apocalypse in over 10 years. But, I really dug both characters back in the day…from Cable’s first appearance in X-Force and Apocalypse’s beginnings in X-Factor to their later appearances on the classic FOX animated X-Men cartoon.

The rest of my list is either old standby’s like Doctor Strange or visually interesting characters like Man-Thing and the High Evolutionary. I think all 11 characters have a shot at getting in to the line. Some, of course, moreso than others.  Stegron may be a long shot. Alright, Stregron is a long shot! I’ve really enjoyed how Marvel Universe has given us both modern and classic interpretations of characters such as Ms. Marvel, Thor and Namor. We’ve gotten a classic Bucky, a Bucky as Captain America and, soon, Bucky as the Winder Soldier. That’s fantastic!

Comic Con is coming in around 3 months. That’s likely the next big batch of Marvel Universe reveals outside of, maybe, ToyFare magazine. I’m really excited to see what the rest of 2010 holds for the line.

And I’ve got my fingers crossed that some of my list may finally see the light of day!


Jeff Cope
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  • Shellhead says:

    You’ll probably see Apocalypse and Dr. Strange in the next year. Beyond that, I wouldn’t bet any money. I know it’s still a little early, but I’ve been a bit disappointed in the variety from Hasbro (Kudos on the Wrecking Crew, though).

  • demoncat says:

    doctor strange no doubt will pop up down the road for after all it took like almost wave 9 in mu for the good sorcerer supreme to pop up. as for stergon and bug micronauts marvel can not touch they do not own the rights too though they do own bug stergon a long shot Cable no doubt in teh wolverine orgins line. along with apocalypse, man thing too obscure. high evolutionary like Stergon a long shot though given the wrecking crew got made would not count him out . but un likely to happen

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I’m mostly disappointed with the recent waves since there’s been little focus on old school, lesser known characters such as Moon Knight and Union Jack which made 2009 a better year for MU. Bucky Cap is hot right now so I can see why so many versions of him are being produced. (Not bad for a dude who was dead for much of Marvel’s 75 years!) Doc Strange is a must, but losing the Sorcerer Supreme title and not having his own book might delay him even further. And I’m still hoping for Nighthawk even though Kyle Richmond retired his costume.

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    I like your list a lot. I don’t collect the line but there are a few there that I would definitely pick up, including High Evolutionary. But Man-Thing has always been a cult favorite of mine and I’d snag him in a heartbeat! Bring it!

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