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Everyone knows how crazy web folks are, so sit back and let us tell you the extant of the sheer lunacy behind the masks.


Julius Marx

Julius Marx (Real Name: Daniel Pickett) was known the world over for 10 years as the title character in the long running TV cop-on-the-edge show “Hockuly!” He is an accomplished mountain clog dancer and revels in his ability to guess people’s weight just by shaking their hand. After graduating with an MFA from a prestigious east coast university, Julius packed up his wife and collection and left their palatial manor in rural Oklahoma and headed west for fame and fortune. Instead they found good jobs, a lovely home in the suburbs and had a kid.
He has a CRAZY amount of toys… no… I mean a lot! The sensation of walking into his toy room has been described as...you know that moment in a serial killer movie where the protagonist finds his way into the killer’s lair and walks into a room to discover all the walls and every surface is covered with information, clippings and pictures of the protagonist and his family and then the camera starts spinning, going all wonky and fish-eyed? That’s the sort of disorientation you feel when you see his collection. So, just a word of warning in case he invites you over.
Now he writes about and takes pictures of toys and attempts to put all his weird knowledge to work for him. He has been collecting toys his entire life.

Send me question and comments at julius@actionfigureinsider.com


A pioneer in the field of internet toy websites, Jason Geyer has long been fascinated with the world of nerditry and scalperism. Beginning with his seminal work, "Jason Geyer's Action Figure Archives (1995)" he has been at the forefront of the movement to cover the toy industry with an objective eye.

Jason first started collecting toys in college, upon realizing that all of his childhood playthings had been destroyed by the ravages of childhood. Once online in 1993, and dismayed by the lack of toy resources there, he realized that the knowledge of Super Powers that took him years to gain could be shared with the world. This acclaimed undertaking led to the merging of the Archives with another site to become the 800 pound gorilla of the online world, Raving Toy Maniac (1997). After a few years of building RTM into the leading toy website (first to cover Toy Fair, first to host panels at SDCC, first "website of the month" in Toyfare Magazine, etc.) he joined the industry himself as a designer. Regretfully, he left RTM to live in China making sure Jar-Jar was on-model.

Upon the turn of the century, missing the hustle-bustle of the online world, Jason came triumphantly back with ToyOtter.com (2000), a resource for all things involving toys and otters. While personally fulfilling, ToyOtter.com was only occasionally updated and became more of a static resource then a daily destination stop. So when Julius Marx decided to start his own website, Jason knew that he had finally found a home. He even promises to play nice with others.




On Nov. 23, 1969, General Zod was born in New York City but moved as a young lad to Kansas. His father soon died, and his mother remarried and moved west to New Mexico. Having killed a man for insulting his mother, General Zod fled to the Pecos Valley, where he was drawn into the Scalper Wars then in progress. He became a savage murderer of many such men, including Oil Can Larry, The Hawaiian Commando, and the Burrito Kid, and scorned the androgynous Toys R Us MAN-ager's demand that he surrender. "His equal for sheer inborn savagery in the aisles," wrote journalist Emerson Hough, "has never lived." Such statements sent General Zod's reputation soaring and won him the nickname Cubanzod-- as it turns out that the name General Zod had been copyrighted by DC.

Enjoying such notoriety, the newly christened Cubanzod gave no quarter to a hostile world, trading freely with collectors-- and eschewing ebay prices. Confronted by a surly mob of Hot Wheels collectors when he commented on the sad status of the ACTUAL vehicles they drove-- Cubanzod was hanged in the parking lot of a Las Vegas Target. His ghost has been known to roam the internet-- taking geeky photos from his way too large collection of Action Figures.