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January 6, 2009

See what I did there?


On the heels of yesterday’s post about my newfound Doctor Who obsession, I thought I’d touch on the one aspect of Who fandom I glossed over, the toys.  Since the beginning of the 2005 series, Character Options has produced an ever-expanding, ever-deepening roster of aliens, monsters, heroes, and villains from the Doctor Who universe.  CO’s commitment to sculpt and paint is obvious in every figure they make and their willingness to make figures of secondary, tertiary, and even a few blink-and-you’ll-miss’em characters rivals the diversity of lines like Playmates Star Trek, Toy Biz Lord of the Rings, and even Hasbro Star Wars.


Below is a series of pics of (most of) my Character Options Doctor Who collection.  They’ve become some of my favorite figures of all-time and I share them with you as much out of pride as a primer to what awaits you should you decide to delve into the line.  

A WARNING to those would haven’t seen all four series of the new Who, there are a few characters pictured below who may be considered SPOILERS…

Away we go…

 Our Heroes

The Doctor has seen a regeneration and several companions in the new series.  Character Options has hit them all.  These figures are standing in the huge, awesome TARDIS playset.

From left to right:

Mickey Smith, Captain Jack Harkness, The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), Sarah Jane Smith, K-9


Arch Villains


Each series has ended with The Doctor battling a Big Bad ala Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Most of them, as well as some other particularly nasty nasties, are seen here.

From left to right:

Cassandra w/spiders, Dalek SEC, Cyberman, Davros, Cyber Controller, Supreme Dalek, Cyberman, The Master w/Toclafanes, The Editor, The Empty Child w/Dr. Constantine


Lesser Villains

Not every bad guy is a would-be universal conqueror, but these guys are deadly nonetheless.

From left to right:

Heavenly Host, Autons (3), Sontaran General Staal, Sontaran Commander Skorr, Sycorax Leader, Screaming Angels (4), Judoon Trooper, Judoon Captain, Judoon Trooper, The Hoix, Slitheen w/skin suit and Space Pig, Werewolf, Heavenly Host


Other Villains and Some Allies

Not every being The Doctor and his companions meet is an enemy.  Centered here, between a few more baddies, are some of the friendly faces the TARDIS has encountered in four series.

From left to right:

The Gelth, Scarecrows (2), Professor River Song, Hath Peck, Lazlo, The Face of Boe, Astrid Peth, Ood (2), Brannigan, Novivce Hame, Clorkwork Men (2), Lilith


Classic Doctors


Of course, the new series wouldn’t be possible without the wondrous universe of classic Doctor Who.  In 2008, CO started a new line dedicated to Doctors and monsters past.

From left to right:

The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

As I said, this represents the bulk of my CO Doctor Who collection, but not all of it.  As I take pics of the Classic monsters and figures from CO’s line dedicated to the Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, I’ll update this post.

 It’s always awesome when a property you love has figures to match.  It doesn’t happen all that often, sadly, but when it goes, it’s Nerdvana.







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  • Tanner says:

    Loved your last Who post and definataley loved this one as an action figure collector.

    I just wanted to point something out, though. They’re known as the Weeping Angels. Not the Screaming Angels. Although I can see why some would call them that.

    Once again, great post. Glad to see there’s more fans of the Doctor around.

  • Jason JJJason says:

    Mine are the screaming variants. :-)


  • Lt. Clutch says:

    That’s a neat collection. Hoping for more classics in 2009, with Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor on the top of my list.

  • Jason JJJason says:

    The next Doctors out are supposed to be the Seventh and Eighth, but I’d imagine U.K. Toy Fair will tell all.

    There was also light rumor of a First, Second, and Third Doctor box set, but I have no idea if that even resembles truth.


  • That is a very nice collection you’ve got there. My one disappointment with the line has been the articulation isn’t really up to snuff for the price, but I see that they’ve been getting better.

    If I had one other quibble I’d say that they’re virtually impossible to find at retail in the States, though TRU does try to stock them.

    I really like the micro-universe miniatures too, I’m dying to get some of those.

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