AFi 8th Anniversary Scoop Week – Day 2 – DST’s Star Trek Minimates
April 25, 2013



 For those of us that have been Minimates collectors from the begining we remember Star Trek as being one of the original licenses that Art Asylum applied to the format.  This is back when Minimates were the larger 2″ format.   There was also another very successful run for several years that ran almost 10 series covering almost all of the Star Trek series and movies.  They started expanding into some vehicles and not the two packs are back, and they return to their glory of covering everything from the classic TV series up through Enterprise and will extend to some movie stuff as well!

For scoop week day 2 our friends at Diamond Select Toys are letting us show off the the first studio shots and the packaging for the Toy”R”Us exclusive wave of Star Trek Minimates! This wave only covers the TV series, but you get a perfect mix of classic, Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager.  You get captains from each of those series as well as some fan favorite characters so it’s also the perfect jumping on point for new fans!

Star Trek Minimates TRU Wave


Captain Janeway
Kathryn Janeway took command of the USS Voyager in 2371, and her first mission sent her to the far side of the galaxy. It took several years for the ship to make its way home from the Borg-infested Delta Quadrant.


Seven of Nine
Annika Hansen was assimilated by the Borg at the age of six, and designated Seven of Nine. She was assigned to the USS Voyager nearly 20 years later, when the Borg required assistance to defeat Species 8472.


Captain Kirk
James T. Kirk was awarded the captaincy of the U.S.S. Enterprise at the young age of 31, and famously commanded her on her five-year exploratory mission, encountering many new species and civilizations.


Khan Noonien Singh was a genetically engineered Augment who ruled a large region of late-20th-century Earth. During the Eugenics Wars, he and other Augments fled Earth and were found by the Enterprise.


Captain Picard
As captain of the Enterprise-D (and later the E), Jean-Luc Picard made first contact with 27 different alien species, including the Ferengi and the Borg, and was the main contact with the nigh-omnipotent Q Continuum.


Formerly known as Third of Five, the Borg drone “Hugh” was found at a crash site by the crew of the Enterprise-D. Befriended by Geordi La Forge, he was later returned to his Borg cube with a new sense of individuality.


Captain Sisko (vest)
Having lost his wife in a Borg attack, Benjamin Sisko worked on the ultimately mothballed Defiant project before taking command of Deep Space Nine, a former Cardassian space station orbiting Bajor.


Gul Dukat
The military officer Dukat was the last Cardassian to act as Prefect of Bajor during the Bajoran Occupation. Despised by the Bajoran people, he frequently returned to visit his old headquarters aboard DS9


A big THANK YOU to Chuck and Zach over at DST for participating in our 2013 scoop week and letting us show of some awesome new Minimates!

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