AFi Exclusive – Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich Resigns from Mattel
October 17, 2014

Offered a new opportunity at another toy company

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October 17th, 2014 (Los Angeles) – Mattel brand manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich handed in his letter of resignation this morning at Mattel.   After 9 years of making collector product at Mattel, Scott was headhunted by another toy company and has accepted that position.   While Scott has not yet announced his new role or what company it will be with he assures fans that he will still be making collector product on some major, high profile brands.

Scott was kind enough to sit down with AFi today and do an exclusive, emotional interview just hours after he turned in his letter of resignation and look back on his 9 years at Mattel.   He talks about the possible future of, what will happen to the Masters of the Universe Classics line without him, things he is most proud of, things that he didn’t get to do and his message of thanks to all the fans.   Take it away Scott:

We here at wish Scott all the best in his new endeavor, and can’t wait until we can talk toys with him at his new position.   Thanks for all the toys Scott!   We know our shelves wouldn’t be half as full without you!

Daniel Pickett
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  • StrangePlanet says:

    This guy gets so much crap from everyone, but working in a large company and trying to push through ANY idea all the way through the process is incredibly difficult. One way or another, he was one of the guys who got me my DCSH Azrael, Parasite, Darkseid and Clayface and my DCUC Deathstroke, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow and lots more.
    I know we collectors tend to look at what we don’t have vs. what we do have, but I remember a time when there was NO DC figures that I could put next to my Marvel Legends. It’s the accomplishments, not the failures, that I will long remember him for.

  • Rob says:

    We all change jobs, big deal!

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  • Howard the Duck says:

    So, will he be headed to Hasbro or Lego then? 😉

  • Glenn Moss Glenn Moss says:

    First of all, Congratulations and thanks, to Scott on the new job! You’ve earned this!

    A heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support of all of us who collect toys. You always did your best to keep us in mind. Sometimes receiving flack for things beyond your control and never taking offense.

    I personally want to thank you for the phenomenal job you did on the Justice League line. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would possess figures that I loved in comics. You kept the line going and delivered a legion of characters to a ravenous fan base that your bosses probably wondered about.

    All the best!

  • Jericho says:

    Humility can take you a long way. Saying “I work harder than anyone else” — regardless of how true or false it is — is going to make you sound like a jerk.

  • D Boy says:

    Time for the Scott Neitlich fan boys to take off the rose tinted glasses. All he did was cost cut the product and coerce people into buying subs. He did it by doing whatever it took to win the hearts of SOME fans by lying and manipulation.. which included playing the role of a true fan, a man of the fans, and the illusion of open communication with the fans. The 4H and the customers who have nothing but passion for all the properties sold on mattycollector are the REAL reasons for it’s longevity

    • Temp says:

      I spent several months at Mattel on a temp gig, and Scott was the closest thing to a True Believer in that place. Cost cuts didn’t originate with him–they were imposed by Mattel management and Scott had to find a way to make them work and still get those figures made. As someone above said, if it wasn’t for Scott, you wouldn’t have had those figures at all. No one else at Mattel cared about a business that small (in their scheme of things).

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