AFi Exclusive #SDCC 2017 – #Mattel DC Multiverse Reveal! – Part 3
July 26, 2017

Earlier this week AFi was given permission to reveal a new wave of Mattel’s DC Multiverse figures that will be coming early next year.  If you missed either day of reveals you can see the figures below.


However I forgot to post the Collect and Connect figure for that wave.   I will correct that oversight now.   The CnC figure for this wave will be Rebirth Lex Luthor in his armor.  We first saw this version of Lex at the very end of the New 52 leading into Rebirth.


We still have some additional Mattel figure reveals coming soon, including some new Justice League Action animated figures so keep your eyes here on Action Figure Insider for the exclusive scoop on these upcoming DC figures.

Daniel Pickett
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  • Agent 86 says:

    I hope they reconsider Wonder Woman’s hair sculpt and face sculpt. The hair looks more like snakes than strands of hair. And the face isn’t the best either, especially in comparison to the gorgeous face sculpt that Vixen has.

    They also need to replace the torso with one which is actually proportional to the size of Wonder Woman’s limbs. The entire torso looks undersized in comparison to the rest of the figure (and no, I don’t mean that her breasts are too small). Since it appears to be a unique sculpt just for Diana, there’s no reason why they can’t ensure that it is appropriately proportioned.

  • Jon York says:

    What a surprising CnC ! In my dreams I was hoping for maybe DC’s Frankenstein or perhaps a new Grundy but this is a fantastic looking piece. I’m really looking forward this wave and the clayface wave especially since they seem to have no duds between them!

  • Jared says:

    Maybe I’m just slow, or I am trying to read this on the run, but is this in the DC classics scale or the DC Icons scale?

    • Jim Abell says:

      These are Mattel figures sculpted by the Four Horsemen. Basically a continuation of the line that’s been going since it was called DC Super Heroes back in 2006.

  • Erik Superfriend says:

    Love the character selection in this wave.

    Batman alternative version
    Superman villains
    Justice League members
    Legion of Doom
    Rebirth versions
    A Green Lantern

  • AltR says:

    Simon Baz? LOL yeah, no thanks. The rest? I’ll take ’em!

  • George says:

    But why is Lex a CNC?

  • TC says:

    Once again, thank you for the pics!
    While i love the Lex figure, where i come from a CnC figure is supposed to be some giant-size character, and I can rattle off about a dozen that we could have used for our DC collections. A modern Giganta to capitalize on the Wonder Woman interest. Blockbuster never seems to go away for long. The list goes on. But the figure, like this whole wave, looks great. So i won’t complain too much.

  • Alex Cross says:

    Vixen! The Ray! and Simon Baz! I am beside myself with the giddy. I was disappointed ICONS never got around to Baz and Vixen. These are long time 6″ format wants of mine.The head and hair on Vixen and Wonder Woman are a little mom-like, but I’ll take them over nothing at all I guess, the Gotham by Gaslight Batman is a welcomed surprise. The Luthor in armor C&C is also unexpected, but looks good.

    Anyone know when the Jessica Cruz Wave or WW exclusives for Walmart are supposed to hit?

  • Mark says:

    Any new multiverse updates?

  • BP says:

    Where’s the rest of the reveals? There’s at least two more!

  • Rob says:

    Looks like we’re seeing hinge wrists and rocker ankles. Hope that’s true.

    Grabbed DC Icons Superman and Swamp Thing and while I love them they’re just too small. I want modern DC figures to put next to my MLs. DCUC were great but they can stand an update. Give me current ML-like updates to the classics and I’ll gladly buy them Mattel!

  • Jim says:

    It’s been more than a week… what happened to those Justice League Action reveals?

  • Nicholas says:

    So, was the Bizarro figure scrapped for this wave? I saw on BigBadToyStore the pre-order of the wave sans Bizarro.

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