AFi First Look: Gentle Giant Ltd. Holiday 2014 Gift – Holiday Potted Groot Statue #Christmas
December 23, 2014

Our friends over at GentleGiant Ltd./3D Systems have given us the opportunity to reveal their 2014 Holiday Item – The Holiday Potted Groot statue.


As of this writing this statue has not been announced by Gentle Giant so even I don’t know all of the particulars, but I DID buy one of their holiday items last year, so based on that I’m going to try to make some informed speculations on how this sale might go.   When we get additional information on this we will update the article.

This statue is a very limited edition (500 pieces).   As many of you already know Gentle Giant Ltd has just updated/upgraded to a brand new website just last week, and the are still porting some of the old info over to the new site.   That might have been a factor in this not having been announced or put on sale yet.    I imagine there will be an email that will go out soon with the sale info giving fans a time and date the order will go live.

Last year I picked up the GG 2013 Holiday Jumbo Santa Yoda figure.  As you will recall, that figure came with a little surprise.  In Yoda’s bag of toys there was a mini-scaled “jumbo” Boba Fett figure hidden in there.   This year the Holiday Groot ALSO has a hidden surprise in the package… but more on that later.

It’s no secret that Groot was the most beloved character in Guardians of the Galaxy, which was the highest grossing film of 2014, so it’s a shrewd decision of Gentle Giant to create this great pop culture holiday mash-up!

Here’s a video look at the reveal:


The official name of the statue is “Potted Groot” and it is based on the comic book appearance of everyone’s favorite sentient tree in the Marvel Universe.    Gentle Giant has previously solicited a movie version of a Rocket and Groot statue, but this is their first offering of a comic book based version.

UPDATE!!:   Gentle Giant just put up the order page for this product!   You can order it here now for only $120!    It looks like its NOT a Premier Club exclusive, any one can order one, but there are only 500 so you’d better hurry!  And the sneaky thing is they don’t list list the other Marvel “gift” that is included, so let’s just keep that between us and let the others be surprised.    Here is the product write up in the listing:

Before the Flora Colossus named Groot appeared on the big screen, in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, he was busy making his name in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic series from Marvel Comics. As a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot helped the team through Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings, Thanos Imperative and other, major, cosmic battles. Many times Groot has given his all for the team, sacrificing his body. However, as long as a single twig remained, it would re-grow into a new body for Groot. What better way to celebrate Groot, as well as the Holidays, then to offer this festive collectible! This piece is a depiction of Groot, as he was in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic, while being tended to by Mantis, after being replanted by his best friend and partner, Rocket Raccoon. Featured standing in his pot, Gentle Giant Ltd. has included interchangeable snow, a scarf, and Holiday lights to decorate one of the greatest trees of all time! Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you Holiday Groot! This exciting limited edition statue is digitally sculpted by our master artisans, and is rendered using the highest quality polyresin and hand painted. Each piece comes individually numbered and is paired with a matching certificate of authenticity. And if you are on Santa’s nice list, you will be in for a special surprise. “I AM GROOT!” (*Happy Holidays!)!


The Package:   Package is 6 sided cardboard with graphics on 5 of the sides.  Inside is a 2 part Styrofoam case with each part of the statue individually wrapped and separated.    The package is clearly marked on the front as the:


However the only picture of Groot “Christma-phied” is on the back of the box.  The box also includes a bio on the character.

GGHoli14GrootBoxFt2 GGHoli14GrootBoxSd GGHoli14GrootBoxBk


 The Statue:  I suspect this statue might be available at some other point from Gentle Giant without the holiday accessories/add-ons, but the great part about this version is that all of the add-on components are all removable so 11 months out of the year you can display it without them.  Then, when the calendar hits December you and Groot can get your holiday on.  It’s the best of both worlds.

As I mention in the video above, there is a magnet that holds the base to the pot, and all of the pieces fit together easily.

The scarf is soft goods and knitted.  It’s easily pliable and hangs naturally.   After I shot the video I discovered that the battery operated string of lights that comes with the statue actually has 3 different settings – 1. blinking, 2. cycling, 3. all on.



The Surprise! – A mini Secret Wars Black costumed Spiderman to help kick off GG’s new line of Secret Wars Jumbos.

Since I have made the video above I have opened this little guy and have learned that he does not have any articulation.

The tiny clam-shell is not sealed so you can snap it open and remove the figure without damaging the card.

Unfortunately all of my vintage Secret Wars figures are in storage right now, so I have substituted a carded Hasbro Marvel Universe figure for scale.


GG2014SWminiCrdFt GG2014SWminiCrdBk GG2014SWminiLoose1

GG2014SWminiComp1 GG2014SWminMattel

A BIG “thank you” to Gentle Giant for allowing us here at AFi to reveal their 2014 Holiday exclusive statue.


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