AFi Reveal: @OriginalSuper7 Reveals their #Aliens #SDCC Exclusive Figure
July 4, 2016

Just when you thought you’s seen it all those mad geniuses at Super 7 have unearthed something so amazing as to not be believed!  The “lost” follow up to one of the most collectible and controversial action figures of all time – Kenner’s 1979 18″ Alien figure.

At San Diego Comic Con 2016 you will have the opportunity to purchase a prototype version of the lost, never before seen 1986 ALIENS 18″ action figure based on the warrior Xeno from the Alien sequel Aliens!

We reached out to our friends at Super 7 to find out how they came across this incredible find!




AFI: You guys seem to have such great luck finding “lost prototypes” for amazing toys!  How do you keep doing it?

What kind of deal did you have to make with the devil to be able to wrestle this figure away from the owner so you could reproduce it?

SUPER 7: In all honesty, this figure never existed in prototype form back in the old days. We had the amazing 1979 Kenner Alien 18” figure, which is the coolest, and always wanted more figures to match. No one made what we wanted, so we made it ourselves. When we decided to extend the line to include the Alien Warrior from Aliens, we couldn’t help having some fun with the packaging for the release and created the Prototype package, modeled after our Alien ReAction Figures 2-Pack from 2013. The story is that this piece is a prototype sample of the Alien Warrior for internal review. Even the package is styled as a mock-up, with hand-written notes about what is approved, needs to be changed or filled in. While the original Kenner 3.75” Alien action figures were genuinely created and cancelled in the late 70s and rescued by Super7 for ReAction Figures, the Super Size Alien Warrior is a fun, what-if figure.


Ok.  So they let the cat out of the bag.  This isn’t really a “lost” toy, it’s a new figure, masterfully crafted to be “in the style of..” the original Kenner 18″ Alien figure.   With that out of the way let find out the thinking behind what will surely be another Super 7 Preview Night line-buster figure!

I enjoy these faux-prototype figures that Super 7 has done in the past and that’s someone from someone who has spent their entire preview night in the Super 7 line, TWICE!  This is a figure that I’ve heard whispers of for quite awhile so I’m glad to see that it has finally come to fruition.   I look forward to adding it to my collection.

AFi: This is one of the largest action figures that Super7 has created. We’re there any challenges in the development?

SUPER 7: Aside from the Super Shogun series, this is the largest figure we have made! In general, it’s not that different than producing a smaller action figure, just a lot more complex. We wanted to stay faithful to the Kenner 18” Alien, but also create something new, so we followed in the footsteps of the special effects team that created the Alien Warrior suit for the Aliens film. They took the original and modified the design just slightly to make a new creation. The Super Size Alien Warrior was sculpted to match all the same details to fit along side your vintage Kenner Alien, but is a unique piece.


AFi: What features will this figure have?

Super 7:  The Alien Warrior matches the features of the Kenner Alien – it is articulated at the hips, shoulders, wrists, and tail, and has the same spring-loaded jaw mechanism to release the horrifying inner jaws, operated with a trigger on the back of the head. The figure can also hang from its tail, just like the original.


AFi: Were there any additional features you looked at for this figure but couldn’t include?

Super 7: We brainstormed a lot of different things, ranging from subtle to silly, but ultimately came back to the idea that this should fit with the established format. As the line continues, there just may be some other tricks up our sleeves…


AFi:  This is the “prototype version,” is it safe to assume there will be a regular edition coming soon?

Super 7: Yes, the Prototype edition is a fun debut for San Diego Comic Con, but we will make a later version that matches what you see on the screen.


AFi: You sort of had a template for the Alien product packaging from the old Kenner line.  How did you approach the package design for your first Aliens product?

Super 7: For the SDCC Prototype edition, we started with the template for the Kenner Alien box, and wiped it clean, adding all the details of what elements should go where as hand written notes. For the wide release, you’ll have to wait and see!


AFi: You have been surprised by the number of and passion of Alien/Aliens fans before when it comes to your Alien SDCC exclusives.   What is the edition size of this exclusive?   If it sells out at preview night might you go back and make more (with a package variant?)

What’s the over/under this will sell out on preview night?

If this does well might we see more Xenos from other films in the series in this style and scale?


Super 7: It’s always a tricky thing to plan SDCC exclusives in terms of edition sizes. We do our best to find the balance between making something that you can reasonably get your hands on if you come to the event, but is also cool and special and somewhat exclusive. Sometimes we are really surprised by the level of interest, its always hard to tell what will happen. Making Alien toys is a dream come true for us, we want to keep playing with the characters and franchise, and we hope fans are as excited about it as we are!


Super 7 will start revealing their 2016 SDCC exclusives this week.  They will release more information about this and the rest of their exclusive line up such as price and where how they will be stilling these items at SDCC.

Super 7 will be at booth 4945.

San Diego Comic Con will run July 20th-24th.

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  • Windebieste says:

    What’s the age rating on this item going to be? Coz if it’s not going to be rated ‘AGES 5 AND UP’, it’s not going to be controversial enough! 😉 But seriously, this is absolutely awesome and it has instantly shot straight to the top of my ‘Must Have’ list! “Acquire specimen… All other priorities rescinded”. lol.

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