AFi Takes a Look at Mega Construx™ – Destiny #Ad
October 12, 2017


MEGA™  has been taking the store shelves, as well as collector’s shelves, by storm with their licensed construction sets geared toward kids aged 8+ and collectors, recently rebranded as Mega Construx™.  While some consider the brand’s early offerings to be just another brand of construction toys, the MEGA™ team has been pushing the envelope beyond what most fans thought was possible with construction toys as they have picked up more and more top shelf licenses. If you have not checked out a Mega Construx™ set recently, you are missing out on some really fun and complex builds.

One of MEGA™’s recent video game license acquisitions is the run-away smash franchise, Destiny, which earlier this month released their newest installment Destiny 2.  MEGA™ already had a relationship with game publisher Bungie because of their work together on the Halo franchise, so Destiny was a logical extension.  MEGA™ began releasing sets based on the original Destiny game in 2016 and have  recently debuted new sets based on Destiny 2.

Destiny is a game well suited to be represented in a construction toy line, and MEGA™ has done a clever job in making a robust line with a lot of added play value.  At the center of the game are the Guardians, and in-game they are highly customizable/upgradable with their weapons and armor.  MEGA™ uses that premise in their mini-figures, as well with the smaller sets, which feature extra upgradable armor pieces and weapons for the characters. When those pieces are not in use, you can put them on the base which doubles as a display/armory. The two sets I received are the smaller, single figure sets of Warlock Samsara Amory and Warlock Hezen Lords Armory.  MEGA™ even takes advantage of the three-pronged Destiny logo to be the figure base that also supports the armory display.  The Mega Construx™ mini figures have a surprising amount of articulation for figures of their size. The Warlocks sport a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, ball jointed swivel elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, partial ball jointed hips with swivel and hinged knees! All of that articulation allows for a wide range of motion as well as poseability of the figure.

Both of these sets are quick builds with nearly 40 pieces, making them great display pieces. In MEGA™’s Destiny line, there is a wide variety of figures, factions, vehicles and environment sets with varying levels of construction difficulty. MEGA™ keeps a very fun and detailed website that shows you each of the sets and figures regardless if it’s a Guardian, Vex, Fallen, Cabal or Hive –

Mega Construx™ pulled out all of the stops with their 2017 showing this summer at SDCC. One of the most impressive exclusives of the show was their Destiny® Iron Song Ghost Shell set! This impressive presentation for any Destiny fan came complete with a figure of Lord Saladin, and a buildable almost 1:1 scale ghost with a light up feature and stand! The set comes in a specially-made Rise of Iron-themed box with an engram inside, perfect for holding all of your precious loot. The presentation is stunning, from the white and gold-printed outer box to the magnetic closures on the lid.  They already command high prices on the secondary market if you missed out on getting one of these when they were first available.

Mega Construx™ has a wide range of Destiny and Destiny 2 sets available now, featuring all of your favorite characters, beasts, vehicles and environments.  You can check out more of what’s available and what your fellow fans are doing with their sets at –

While you are there check out the Mega Contrux™ stop-motion app –

Samples were provided by MEGA™.

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  • Scott says:

    Love Mega Bloks/Construx. I don’t even like Halo, Call of Duty or Destiny games but I buy these sets cos they’re really well designed, more mature building sets with figures far beyond that of Lego in regards to articulation, detail and sculpt. I also have a lot of their movie and 1987 cartoon TMNT sets which are fantastic too. Also got a Star Trek set and a Terminator Genisys one (the T-800 mini-figures are the best thing to come from that movie). Really want the Xenomorph, Marine, He-Man and Skeletor figures from the Heroes wave 1 line and they got Beastman and Teela in Wave 2 along with Fry and Leela from Futurama. Long may this company keep producing excellent construction sets for those of us who just aren’t into the overly simplistic (if iconic) Lego style of figures.

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