AFi Tech: Earloomz Star Wars Bluetooth Headset Review
June 1, 2011

Here is a fun sort of review that I don’t get to do very often – a new tech review!    The good folks at Earloomz have branched out into licensed properties and from the "go big or go home" department they went after the biggest license there is – STAR WARS. 

A few weeks ago the nice people at  Earloomz reached out to AFi with their press release announcement and an offer to send us a review sample.  I was in need of a blutooth headset  to hook up to my Playstation 3, and being a lifelong Star Wars fan,  I took them up on the offer.

Staring off, to give you an idea of what makes Earloomz different from other headsets lets hear it in their own words from the official Earloomz website:

Introducing an innovative twist to your typical Bluetooth earpiece, Earloomz is a stylish extension of your personality. Its sleek design, combined with advanced Bluetooth technology, offers superior comfort and functionality. Not only does Earloomz provide quality hands-free capability, it’s also fashionable. With hundreds of graphics and images to choose from, Earloomz devices are customized to match your individual style. Represent your favorite, cartoon character, or nationality. The possibilities are endless.

Earloomz style and technology set it apart from any other wireless device on the market. The unique patented design provides and earpiece that operates without bulky buttons or additional external pieces. This allows for easy accessibility and greater comfort.

Embracing the idea that a hands-free device should be a part of everyday style and fashion, illustrates innovation and character as an individual. If your profession requires you to live a fast-paced lifestyle and stay in constant communication on a mobile device, let Earloomz be an extension of your personality. Not only is it a great conversation starter, it allows your personality to shine through.

Earlooms patented earpiece is the perfect “blank canvas” for any design imaginable. Each image is digitally set on an Earloomz model to ensure precise measurements and image quality before production. The image is then mechanically painted on the earpiece, and finished with a moisture resistant coating. This process guarantees the quality and durability of each Earloomz device.

As I mentioned, when they first reached out to me about reviewing one of their new Star Wars themed headsets, my thinking was that I would pair this with my Playstation 3 as I didn’t have a headset for that.   Of course the PSN Network has been down for over a month because of the hack, so I was able to pair it with the PS3 but never use it for that as the network is still down.  However, shortly after receiving my Star Wars Darth Vader Earloomz my regular, everyday bluetooth headset that I use with my iphone fell apart so I switched my new Star Wars Earloomz over to pair with my phone and have been using it there ever since.

Pairing the headsets with those devices couldn’t have been easier.  It literally happens with the push of a single button, and I was able to successfully pair it with both my PS3 and my iphone.

The first wave of Star Wars Earloomz has 4 styles- Darth Vader, Bespin Luke, "Dark Duel" and Boba Fett

As you can see from the images above all of the first wave feature photo realistic images of Star Wars characters except for the Boba Fett Earloomz, which features a very stylized interpretation of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter.   Earloomz was quick to catch onto that and have just recently announced a new version of Boba Fett coming soon on an Earloomz headset that matches the style of the other first wave offerings. 


The review sample they sent me was Darth Vader.

As you can see the design doesn’t stop at the device.  The package is also a cool design with that sort of oval capsule.    As you can see the main graphic on the capsule reflects the current Clone Wars motif, which seems odd since none of the designs of the first wave are from the Clone Wars, but that is something that is dictated by LucasFilm and is not the choice of the licensor.

The packaging gives you the full 360 degree view of the product.   Open up the top and what’s inside?

Here’s what you get included in your package:
2 Earhooks
4 Earbuds
Lanyard Holder
User Manual
Warranty Card

The headset is light, the lightest I have ever used.   The earhook is very thin and flexible.  I went with the regular earhook and the "factory default" earbud.  It fits great and like I said it’s super light.  My one beef with it is – I wish it could turn up a bit louder.  I’m sure for regular folks it will be fine, but I’m getting up there in age and could use a little help in the hearing department.   The people that I talk to when I use this new headset say that the sound is crystal clear and they prefer the sound quality of the Earloomz over my old headset.

With all that in mind – great design, super light, easy pairing… and come on… STAR WARS!! We here at AFi give the Earloomz headsets a hearty – RECOMMEND.

If for some reason you are too cool to tool around town using a Star Wars headset then you can also check out some of the other licenses that Earloomz has including Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, the NBA or even Lady Gaga.   They have a lot of great licenses, patterns and designs to choose from, something for everyone.  So head on over to the official site and have a look and pick up an Earloomz headset or two, and tell them AFi sent you!



Technical Specifications:

Bluetooth Version v2.1+EDR
Headset & Hands Free Profiles
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
Video Game Compatible
Voice Prompt
Connects To Two Phones
Noise Reduction
Weight: Approx. 10g
Talk Time: 5 Hours
Standby Time: 120 Hours
Charging Time: 30-60 minutes
Dimensions: 53[L] x 18[W] x 9[H] mm

Headset controls include call/answer, last number redial, call waiting, control for compatible mobile phones ● Easily manage calls with the touch of a button ● Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones; supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR for simple, hands-free calling ● Technology allows you to pair your device easily ● Fits in either ear with adjustable earhook ● Multipoint technology allows you to stay connected with 2 Bluetooth-enabled phones ● 33′ range from your Bluetooth device

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