AFi #THUNDERWEEK for Bandai’s #THUNDERCATS ‘The Lost Year’ – Day 5
June 14, 2016

We are coming to the end of our Thunderweek reveals of Bandai’s “lost year” of ThunderCats product.  I know this posting is a little late.  I’m actually going to split this last post into two posts so that I can get this half posted today.   Today we are going to look at the vehicles that were proposed for the second year of the the line and tomorrow we will look at what would have been the next/last wave of basic 4″ figures.

If you are just joining us, former Bandai line manager, and old friend of AFi, Amanda W was gracious enough to pass along the proposed 2012 line of Bandai’s ThunderCats action figure line.   If you missed any of the previous installments you can go back and check out the Day 0 Preview, the Day 1 reveals the Day 2 reveals, the Day 3 reveals and the Day 4 reveals.  This will also help you get caught up with the story of what happened and why the line was canceled.


ThunderCats Fall 2012 Product.pptx

ThunderCats Fall 2012 Product.pptx

Vehicle with Addictus Figure – I’m not sure what the name of this vehicle was going to be, but the figure is Addictus, one of Mumm-Ra’s generals.  As you can see this vehicle comes with several projectiles that can be loaded into those rear tubes.   Attached to the rear wheels are a pair of arms that can reach back, catch a ball and fling it.    Addictus was a larger character on the show and this looks to be a big figure which would lead us to believe this would have been a pretty good sized vehicle in the line.

TCatsVehicleAddictus1 TCatsVehicleAddictus3 TCatsVehicleAddictus2
 THUNDERRACERS with FIGURES – The ThunderRacers were one-man two wheeled vehicles that were sort of like the Light Cycles in TRON. Each one of the ThunderRacers came with an exclusive variant 4″ action figure and an action feature.  The Red Racer came with a firing drill projectile and an exclusive Lion-0 figure with red, translucent hair, arms and feet.
There were some blue versions of the ThunderRacers that were included with the 2011 ThunderTank, but they were smaller, solid and didn’t have opening cockpits that could hold figures.
TCatsThunderracerI3 TCatsThunderracerI1 TCatsThunderracerI2
The Orange Racer had a flashlight/light-up action feature and an exclusve 4″ Tygra figure with translucent orange arms and feet.
TCatsThunderracerII3 TCatsThunderracerII1 TCatsThunderracerII2
 The other interesting feature that both the ThunderRacers had were that they would both attach to the sides of an all NEW, larger,  battle-damaged ThunderTank!
ThunderCats Fall 2012 Product.pptx
BATTLE DAMAGED THUNDERTANK with exclusive Panthro figure – The new battle-damaged ThunderTank is an all new sculpt from the year one vehicle.   Looking at the pictures the damage is more than just a paint deco, it’s got some serious sculpted damage!   It looks like some of the features from the original are stripped out of this version, but it does have a pop open canopy and would have had some kind of ThunderLynx magnetically activated feature..
The 2011 ThunderTank came with a Snarf figure, this newer version would have come with a translucent purple Panthro action figure.
TCatsThunderTankII1 TCatsThunderTankII3 TCatsThunderTankII2
Here’s what it looks like with the ThunderRacers attached:
TCatsThunderTankII5 TCatsThunderTankII7 TCatsThunderTankII6
The other cool thing about this new ThunderTank vehicle is that it was designed to fit together with the SaberTank playset we reveled earlier to make one massive vehicle!
TC2012SaberThunderTank1 TC2012SaberThunderTank2
There was one more vehicle in the works that we don’t have imagery for, but we were told Bandai also had a working model of an RC thunder tank for the new show that they showed some of the retailers before the line was halted.
Come back tomorrow for our final instalmet of AFi’s THUNDERWEEK!
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  • Scott says:

    Didn’t like that Thundertank design (or the 2011 show) at all but I found it for £4 in a bargain shop and bought it anyways and even then it felt like a rip off. It broke apart so very easily. My original 80’s tank even with one broken arm was still in better condition after almost 30 years. Hope Matty does a big proper scale Thundertank in the classics line (one that can seat two in the front and a bunch in the back) Ok it would be expensive at that size but hopefully there would be enough of a collector’s market after a couple waves to justify it.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    iholly when the thunder tank is connected to that playset it makes one star wars big ship size vechile. though the driver for mumras vechile looks like monkey man.

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