AFi’s 8th Anniversary Scoop Week Day 1 – Mattel’s Classic TV Series Batman – 6″ Julie Newmar Catwoman Figure
April 23, 2013



Hey everyone!   Welcome to the launch of Action Figure Insider’s 8th Anniversary Celebration.  As has been the case for the past seven years, on the week of our anniversary we have a little something we like to call “Scoop Week” where we bring you a variety of new, exclusive news on all your favorite action figure, collectibles and toy lines.

I can’t imagine us having a stronger start than this scoop from our good friends at Mattel.  We have been granted permission to debut the image of one of my most anticipated action figures of 2013 – Catwoman from their 1966 Classic TV Series Batman™ action figure line!  It’s not an exaggeration to say that I have waited my whole life for this action figure line and I know there are a lot of you out there that feel the same way I do.

Up to this point we have seen five of the 6 single carded figures in this first wave at both Mattel’s booth at Toy Fair 2013 and the 66 Batman event at Meltdown Comics, all except for the Catwoman figure.   We knew Catwoman would be coming because she was listed on the banner at the Toy Fair event, but we didn’t know which actress of the three they would choose first.

Below pictures are of the paint master so it DOES NOT have all of the articulation cut in yet.  Rest assured the articulation will match the rest of the line.

Catwoman is the fourth and final major recurring villain that frequently teamed up with fellow evildoers Joker, Penguin, and Riddler, so Mattel is completing a team AND opening up the number of great moments from the series that fans may want to “re- enact” with these figures.

This is the first-ever 6” scale Julie Newmar Catwoman, and the Design Team tells us it was a thrill to finally be able to capture this iconic rendition of the character in plastic!

The Mattel Sculpting Department poured a lot of love and attention into this portrait sculpt, creating MANY different versions over several months as they worked to capture the beauty of Julie Newmar and Catwoman!  I think we can all agree that their hard work and attention to detail paid off!   Just look at the texture and paint job on that catsuit!   It looks like it just popped off your TV screen!   All of the likenesses shown for this line have been top notch and the Catwoman figure is no exception.  That face sculpt is one of the loveliest that Mattel has ever done.

And now we are proud to bring you as part of AFi’s 8th Anniversary Celebration: “The Meow Heard ‘Round The World”  – Mattel’s 6″ Julie Newmar’s Catwoman!!



 A quick recap on what we know so far about Mattel’s Classic TV Series Batman™ line:

·         The line was first announced at SDCC 2012 at one of Mattel’s panels, this is the FINAL figure reveal in the long-awaited Classic TV Series Batman™ line!

·         The Classic TV Series Batman™ line is coming this summer to Toys R Us and other fine online retailers.  The line includes 6” figures, TV Moment 2-pack, and the Batmobile.

·         Classic TV Series Batman™ 6” Figures- These 6” highly detailed, authentic action figures represent top characters from the show, with attention paid to the tiniest details to represent each actor’s likeness! Each figure includes a display base with retro style “trading card” backdrop.

The first wave of single carded figures will be:

  •  Batman
  •   The Riddler
  •   The Penguin
  •  Surfing Contest Batman™
  •  The Joker
  •   Catwoman

·         In addition to the single 6” figures, the segment also includes:

o    Classic TV Series Batman™ TV Moment 2-Pack- 2-pack of 6” Batman™ and Robin action figures, with “wall” display base. Robin figure is exclusive to this pack, which brings to life one of the most iconic moments of the TV show where Batman™ and Robin are climbing the wall! Can be displayed two ways: flat on a tabletop (just like the actors “climbed” the wall in the show) or mounted on the wall. Features a window that really opens!

o    Classic TV Series Batman™ 6″ Scale Batmobile- The iconic Batmobile in the Classic TV Series Batman™style! Seats two 6″ action figures, making this the perfect complement to the 6” assortment.

A HUGE ‘THANK YOU” to the Mattel DC Retail team for letting us debut this beautiful figure!   We will have more reveals and scoops all week, so keep checking back and tell your friends!

Daniel Pickett
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