AFi’s 9th Anniversary “Scoop Week” – Day 3 – BifBangPow! Venture Brothers 3.75″ “Retro” Brock
April 23, 2014


Welcome to Action Figure Insider’s 9th Anniversary “Scoop Week!”  As has been the case for the past eight years, on the week of our anniversary of AFi’s launch,  we have a little something we like to call “Scoop Week” where we bring you a variety of exclusive news on all your favorite action figure, collectibles and toy lines.   We reached out far and wide to a variety of companies that have been incredibly generous to give us scoops and exclusive news.    We had so many responses that several day we will have multiple scoops so make sure you are checking back each day!


Sticking with our Scoop Week Day 3 theme retro-esque action figures we have a reveal from our friends at BifBangPow!   We all love toy and little plastic people and often times we don’t give the packaging a second thought.  But every so often a figure comes along that that I’m on board to buy just for the package alone!  This is one of those cases.   I already have 2 versions of this figure, but this 3rd version will be joining my collection as well… The card design should be familiar to any fans of Real American Heroes…


Bif Bang Pow! presents an exciting new Brock Samson 3 3/4-inch action figure in their fan-demanded Venture Bros. line. The Swedish murder machine is ready for action in a white shirt complete with trademark knife, easily stored in the holster on his belt or held in his hand. This must-have articulated figure comes featured in a retro style card back packaging with 4-color artwork that avid fans of the animated series will appreciate.
Be the first to pre-order this figure now at Entertainment Earth:
Our sources at Bif Bang Pow! have also hinted about an exclusive Venture Bros. figure debuting at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Stay tuned for more updates!


Daniel Pickett
Daniel “Julius Marx” Pickett has been around toys his whole life. The first line he ever collected was Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line back in the 70s. He has been surrounded by collectables ever since. In 1999 he was confounded by a lack of information and news about some of his favorite toy lines he was collecting. Since he couldn’t find the information he decided to pursue it himself thinking other people might also be interested in the same news. He started writing a weekly column on the toy industry and action figure for a toy news site and in a years time he tripled the sites daily traffic with his updates, reviews and product features. He built relationships with every major toy manufacturer and many sculptors, painters and mold makers. He grew his hobby into a world wide expertise that the industry has embraced. In 2004 he teamed up with his toy buddy Jason “ToyOtter” Geyer and they created their own website Daniel has been quoted in both industry and mass media press outlets. Over the years Daniel and AFi have been sought out as experts in the field. Daniel was regularly featured on “Attack of the Show” on the G4 network as the primary contributor to their “Mint On Card” segment, and our front page has been linked to from USA Today’s “Pop Candy” Blog twice. Daniel’s content has also been featured on,,, Boing-Boing,, Ain’t It Cool News, the Official Star Wars blog, Geekologie, G4, CNet and Toy Fare magazine, among many others. He has consulted on toy lines, books, documentaries and TV shows. But all of that really just sounds snooty and “tootin’ his own horn” – the long and short of it is that Daniel loves toys and he LOVES talking about them.
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  • stewbacca says:

    Have to say this one is a little disappointing- Im a loose collector– could care less about the card art (and if they are going to do that format there better be a file card)–
    If they were going to go the Joe approach– Shore Leave would have been a better choice.

    ..Besides– 9 Figures in this line and 3 of them are Brock– Its called Venture Brothers– not Brock and Friends…

    There is more variety in BBPs- craptacular mego line..

    • BBP! Lenzi says:

      Hey ‘Stewbacca’ (if that IS your real name…)-
      Normally I don’t bother with replies these days, once I jump on to address something I end up on the page all day fielding questions! But when I read what you wrote, I felt compelled to get something posted right away. You’re right, 9 figures in and 3 are Brock. You know WHY?? Because BROCK SELLS. (And just FYI, the response to this particular figure from NY Toy Fair has been fantastic). If every single VB fan that jumps on line to complain about the lack of merchandise decided to actually spend some money on one of their passions we’d be selling every single VB character by the truckload. But guess what? They don’t. Never have. You say ‘craptacular’ (thanks for that by the way, we love constructive criticism) Mego line, well, people love it and we do very well with it, thankyouverymuch. Not ‘Star Wars’ well, but regardless. And when the “fans” moaned about how much they’d have preferred a 3 3/4″ VB line, well, we did that too! And STILL Brock and The Monarch are the clear leaders, so they get produced more. If you ever decide to start a toy company and climb that insurmountable mountain, bit of advice: don’t waste too much time making stuff that no one wants. You’ll stick around a lot longer. That’s all I got, again, thanks so much for taking the time to give your input on the ‘Venture Brothers’ toy business. Oh, and for the record, ‘Shore Leave’ wouldn’t sell a fraction of what a Brock does. See? Figure sells= more figures get made! A novel approach, I know, but it seems to work. Keep on keeping on!- JL

  • I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed as well. I’m a big fan of this line, but I really don’t want yet another version of Brock. Especially when it’s just the same figure in a different package. If BBP wanted to do Brock in a G.I. Joe inspired card, they should have at least put him in his O.S.I. or S.P.H.I.N.X. uniform. THAT I would have bought. But THIS? I’m going to have to take a pass on it, sorry.

    • BBP! Lenzi says:

      Hi Joshua- You’re more than entitled to skip this Brock, he does very well so I’m sure this one will sell out like the other versions have. The versions of Brock you suggested, while they would no doubt be cool, would involve entirely NEW sculpts all round, a VERY costly and time-eating exercise. We’re not Mattel/Hasbro, so we have to pick and choose where our budgets go sometimes, especially with the more ‘cult’ properties, we don’t have an endless budget. But the big boys make variants of existing characters and sculpts all the time and goodness knows the fans don’t seem to mind! So the VB fans that are faithful to the line always turn up for what we make, and man, they can’t get enough Brock! So never mind, I’ll take the one you would’ve bought so I have one for display! Keep on keeping on!- JL

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