AFI's "Ask Matty" Answers for March 16, 2009
March 16, 2009

Matty from and ToyGuru Jr. sent us the answers to our latest round of questions.that AFI readers have posted in our forums.  There are some very interesting hints and reveals in this installment, so read it carefully and let the speculating begin!  


Q1) The 6" Ghostbusters, are they intended to be more in-scale with Movie Masters or DCUC? I ask, because if they were scaled to DCUC it seems the lower half of the Ghostbusters could be re-appropriated for DC characters like Sgt. Rock or the Unknown Soldier…

A1) DCUC and Movie Masters are actually both in 6” scale. The reason some of the Movie Masters seem a bit smaller is they are scaled to the actor height. We are trying going forward to scale all of the 6” figures to the same height. It just depends on whether the actor’s height is a factor or now.

Q2) Along those same lines, someone here mentioned that a MOTUC (or would that be POPC?) Mermista might lead to a DCUC Lori Lemaris — any chance of that?…

A2) Way to early to tell.

Q3) There’s been mention of characters like Jonah Hex and Kamadi being considered for DCUC, what about DC’s more fantasy based characters like Warlord, Arion and Amethyst?

A3All of these characters are “on the table”!

Q4) Will DCUC cover both eras of the Titans, giving us the original line up and the older Perez line up? The reason I ask this is because the Kid Flash in wave 7 is fine scale wise for the original line up, but too small to stand beside Starfire and Cyborg for a Perez era line up. I don’t mind having 2 versions of the same figure if they are noticeably different.  Basically, will you be making a Dick Grayson Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad in scale with the wave 7 Kid Flash, and then older versions of these characters to fit in with Starfire and Cyborg?

A4) The plan is to offer many characters in multiple eras to help fans complete the era they most want. How soon we get to repeats of characters from a new era depends on how long the line lasts based on retail and fan support! But yes, the end goal is to do everything you mentioned above.

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Q5) I’m concerned about the talk of the JLU Gotham Villains set underperforming compared to Stratos. Could you give us some idea of what is expected from sales of the JLU line and how far off track they may (or may not) be? I really, really, really hope future planned sets are not cancelled. Maybe production quantities could be adjusted, but if you look around the board here, it seems many people who are not buying JLU GVs are planning on getting the Shazam and Legion sets. I’d hate for there to be too few produced. Any chance that pre-ordering is coming soon?

A5) We are working on a pre order system and hope to have it in place later this summer. As far as performance of the JLU Gotham Criminals set, it is true that this set has not sold out as fast as we would have liked and we are reviewing future plans. At this point we will go forward with the two announced JLU packs, LOSH and Shazam, but unless sales increase, we may not be able to continue with online offerings.

Q6) Will we ever see a Barry Allen costumed Flash in the JLU line? Or a comic book style Wally costume? I have several Flash’s from the JLU line and I love the Reverse Flash you made.. but how about a repaint with the classic scarlet speedster costume?

A6)It is very possible as long as retailer and online interest continues. We can only keep producing figures if there are enough fans buying them!

Q7) When does the second wave of Batman: Brave and the Bold hits the shelves?

A7) At the end of Spring.

Q8) Will the Crisis on Infinite Earths theming for the Infinite Heroes line last through the rest of the year or will it change by the holidays?

A8) It will last throughout 2009 with a new theme coming out for 2010.

Q9) The JLU Superfriends three pack shown at NYCC was a nice surprise. Will we be seeing any classic versions of the Legion of Doom members any time soon?

A9) It is possible and this is something we have looked into, but again, the continuation of the JLU line is entirely in the hands of the fans. As long as they keep buying product we will make it!

Q10) Will we be seeing any SDCC exclusives or mail-away figures for the Batman: Brave and the Bold line? When we will hear about the SDCC exclusives?

A10) We will be announcing most of our SDCC exclusives in April. But to answer your question, no there will not be a Brave and the Bold figure exclusive this year.


Thanks to ToyGuru and Matty for all the answers.

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