AFi’s “Ask Matty” Mattel Q&A Answers for August 16th, 2010
August 16, 2010

Now that the dust has settled from another day of sales have settled, Matty from and ToyGuru, have replied with the answers to our latest round of questions that AFi readers have posted in our forums.     


Q1. A Lot of fans are still wondering what are you plans for the "naked" Cheetah from DCUC wave 13 ? Will she be sold as a single,in a two pack or 5 pack? Please any hints would be appreciated!

A1. Much like the modern Red Tornado, Cheetah is still in limbo. We have plans but they just have not come together quite yet. Stay tuned.

Q2. Regarding the upcoming DC Universe Classics Legion of Superheroes Twelve-Pack: When this product is finished, would Mattel please consider opting for static, basic poses for the figures in the package, to avoid warped limbs? As this product will be sold through MattyCollector and is aimed solely at adult collectors of the line, dynamic poses are entirely irrelevant to secure sales.

Mattel has stated previously that they have considered working to avoid awkward poses with the DC Universe Classics figures in their packages to mitigate warped limbs; but, based on the positioning of many recent figures, the posing issues have caused severe warping in some cases (Power Girl, Mary Batson, Undersea Assault Two-Pack, etc.).

Additionally, poses for several upcoming figures (Zatanna, Kamandi, etc.) are so incredibly stylistic that it appears Mattel has not listened to the numerous (and perhaps loud, as well) requests for static poses in packaging. Any effort directed toward avoiding poorly-executed poses and the problems with warped limbs would be measurably appreciated.

A2. Yes, in fact due to how the package is being made, the LOSH figures will be in more static posses. Each figure will have a “slot” in a line up. It is pretty cool.

Q3. Why ignore the ability to do a whole other Robin, Jason Todd, with the alternate Robin head, in favor of the bandit mask style younger Dick Grayson, when bandit masks have been ignored completely in styling of this entire line? Seems like choosing a mask variant over a character variant is rather unproductive, particularly in a scenario as natural as this one.

A3. With Dick Grayson being the most famous and well known Robin (especially to moms and giftgivers), we wanted to give him a few looks to really do him right.

Q4.  Is the Infinite Heroes line really ended (dumped, trashed, damned, etc)? I mean not a GL movie 3.75 line of figures, but something really cool as it was before (based in the DC universe) or Hasbro`s MU line (wich looks like the only 3.75 line of heroes now, since we didn`t saw any new figures at SDCC).  What about the "great news for your 3.75 inch heroes" line? Was that "just Green Lantern now", the big news?

A4. Yes, as announced at our fan panel at SDCC, the 3 ¾” line will continue in 2011 with a Green Lantern theme. You’ll just need to wait and see for more details. Until we have retailer commitments we can’t announce product.

Q5.  With the relatively quick sellout of Count Marzo and lightning fast vanishing act of She-Ra, will you consider increasing the production run above and beyond the subscriptions yet again? I know you want everybody to buy the 2011 subscription, but it’s just not feasible/desirable for many people, especially those ordering across the Matty lines on sale days who want to save on shipping.

Come on, Matty, a 12-24 hour window to buy a toy isn’t too much to ask, is it?

A5. We are constantly adjusting our quotas. We actually brought quite a few She-Ra figures to SDCC and did not sell out. We do take things like this into account as well when reviewing how much product to make. If you wanted She-Ra you were able to walk up to our booth all the way until Sunday at close and buy her!

The next Q&A have already been submitted, but if you’d like to ask a question for the Sept 15th submission then send us your post-Comic Con questions!   Remember they can be about any Mattel product including MOTUC, Ghostbusters,WWE any of the Mattel DC lines and Cars. You can submit new questions in this thread.

You can find our past Q&A’s here. And you can discuss the answers at our Mattel board

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