#AFIScoopWeek Week2 – #Mattel Batman v Superman Multiverse Mystery Figure Reveal
April 25, 2016

Welcome back to AFi’s 11th anniversary “Scoop Week” part 2.   It was my intention to post this reveal last week with the others, butas usually happens life gets in the way (as some of you know I have a newborn) and you have to move something around.  I didn’t get half of the stuff I wanted to post posted last week so the celebration will continue this week as well!!  This second week we will see this figure reveal, some new products you will get an early look at and we have a series of articles where we will show you some toys that you never got that you have never even seen!

Today our reveal is from Mattel, and it solves a mystery.

FYI – From here on out *SPOILER ALERT* for Batman v. Superman. 

For anyone that has picked up either the first or second wave of Mattel’s DC Multiverse Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice action figure line you know that on both versions of the cardback feature figure #7 blacked out.   This has lead to a lot of speculation on who it might be in the collector community.  A lot of people think it might be Doomsday, however many also think that figure/character would have to be too large for the current packaging.   Some people have speculated that it might be The Flash or a different Lex Luthor, but then we learned at Toy Fair that we would be getting bald, prison jumpsuit Lex in a later wave.

Who could it be?



I don’t think anyone will actually guess because the character as he doesn’t have very much screen time in the current theatrical edit of the movie….


I present you the last figure in the second assortment of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DC Multiverse line – The Bat Creature:



Some of you might be thinking “That’s what the Parademons look like up close?   I thought they were black?”

This is not a Parademon, this is from a different scene/vision in the film.  This is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it creature that gives audiences a jump-scare when it suddenly pops out of Martha Wayne’s tomb in one of Bruce’s early visions.

Now why the Bat-Creature instead of a prominent villain such as Doomsday?  I suspect that Doomsday would have been a “holdback character” from Warner Brothers, probably not wanting to reveal that character too early in something like a toy line which would need to be in stores months before a film’s release date.   I do know that the the Bat Creature was a “Day and Date” hold back, meaning he could not be revealed until after the film’s release, which is why he is in the last assortment of characters to be released.

The Bat Creature was designed by Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos and his crew.   While he didn’t play a major role in the theatrical cut of the movie he’s an interesting design and he breaks up a line of just human characters.

Also keep in mind that if you are building the Collect and Connect Grapnel Blaster you will need the Bat Creature to complete it as he comes with the main barrel.


One other tidbit of information on the DC Multiverse Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line.   There is a running change on the Aquaman figure.  The original release of Aquaman came with a silver trident and no waist articulation.  Mattel made a running change and the newer, corrected version ships with a gold trident and has the waist articulation added back in.

BatVSupAquamanBox1 BatVSupAquamanBox3

Thank you to the team at Mattel for letting us reveal the Bat Creature and solve this mystery.  The Bat Creature should be shipping in cases and arriving at retail soon!

Daniel Pickett
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  • evilwilma says:

    …Bat Creature? Um, okay. I mean, I’ll still get it and all, but…huh. It’s a bit weird that two figures from this line are representing things that only appeared in Batman’s visions, especially one as brief as this. Financially, the future Bats makes sense because he had a lot more screen time and it’s a Bat variant, but this choice is odd.

  • Oklahomas Man of Steel says:

    Just think of it as our first figure from Batman’s rogues. For me this is the movie version of Manbat.

    • M says:

      I guess… if Manbat was only ever a figment of Bruce’s imagination, only appearing in dreams… But that is basically how I look at too. Its a live action Manbat lol. I was hoping for Doomsday (before I found out this was the final fig a week ago or so), but this is cool too I guess.

  • M says:

    “breaks up a line of just human characters…” LOL Wonder Woman, not human. Superman, not human. Aquaman, half human….. Maybe edit that to ‘human-looking characters. Sooo many kudos on revealing this. I have been hunting its appearance since I learned this would be the last fig.

  • Lois' #1 Fan says:

    Was kind of hoping Lois was finally going to see her day! Stupid choice from another dream!

  • Lester J. says:

    I was hoping for a Battle-Damaged Armor Batman with his face half-exposed with the mask damaged.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    bat creature interesting for surprised they did not say he was man bat or go with a parademon instead.

  • M says:

    …and we’ve seen Lex in prison uniform so he’ll be another wave swap with “casual” Lex… hopefully he’ll be as common as unmasked Bats. Would have gladly taken Lois, Party dress WonderWoman, Mercy, Parademon, Superman Goon Squad trooper, ‘wearing-cyborg-to-time-travel’ Flash, or heck even MoS Nam-Ek over this thing. I just have a hard time figuring out what is going on with Mattel’s action figure team…

  • George says:

    When is this figure going to be released?

  • nerdbot says:

    This is the only figure from this line that I’ve bought. Not having seen the film — not having any interest whatsoever in seeing the film, for that matter — and considering the other humanoid figures look like utter garbage compared to comparably sized and priced lines, they were all easy passes.

    But I like this guy. I get a bit of a Manbat vibe from him, too. More likely he’ll be some sort of demonic stand-in for Dr. Strange to face. Or maybe he’ll just be a cool-looking gargoyle for my shelf. At any rate, I’m happy I found it. And I’m passing along the CnC part for a few bucks on eBay, so someone will be able to build their grapnel gun without buying this figure if they don’t want him.

  • Sal says:

    Collect and connect should have been Doomsday especially considering the outrageous prices of these figures to begin with.

  • Sean Kent says:

    Will there be a Doomsday figure released at all??

  • Sean Kent says:

    You say in another comment that we’re not allowed to do Doomsday by WB. Why not, do you know? I can’t believe a major villain in a major motion picture and no release. We have the money we will spend it.

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