All-Star Superman: Feb 22, 2011!
February 11, 2011

Don’t forget in all the hype of Toy Fair that we also have this to look forward too!

 All Star Superman is one of my favorite recent stories.  Like Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, I’m glad to see it getting the animated movie treatment.  I’ve been trying to think of what other stories I’d like to see.


Superman: Reign of the Supermen. The story of the 4 Supermen.

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga.  I think they might need to brand this as Superman AND the Legion in order to sell it to the executives. It was one of my favorite stories growing up and still is a fond memory.

JLA: DC 1 Million.  My favorite crossover.  I just love the whole 853rd century version of the heroes and the time travel and Hourman virus and Solaris.  Great stuff.   Of course, JLA: New World Order would not be a bad choice either.

While we wait for All-Star Superman, what stories would you like to see represented in this fashion?

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
"Gathered together from the four corners of the universe." Oh, wait, that's the show, not me. Erik "SuperFriend" Skov never actually got to appear on the show, although he did watch it every week. Erik spent 6 years working for Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI before leaving for a job that paid more (Why else would a collector leave the company that was making Star Wars, Transformers, and while I was there Batman). I used to post all over the net. These days I tend to hang my hat at AFI.
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  • stewbacca says:

    Im more partial to Batman-

    So Id like to see a Cataclysm- and then maybe No Mans Land- (2 movies–just to much to cover in 2 hours) Possibly even Hush..

    Maybe a Secret Six movie- the first mini series could work (or the second).

    Young Justice- Sins of Youth (its like Freaky Friday with Super Heroes)

    For Recent- Red Robin– the whole storyline where he takes down Ra’s Al Guls empire..

    And the never gonna happen file– Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew- the Oz Wonderland War..

  • red Ricky says:

    I guess I’m more Old School. I want:
    A. Kingdom Come (Waid & Ross)
    B. The Golden Age (Robinson & Smith)
    C. The Teen Titans Brother Blood Saga (Wolfman & Pérez)
    D. Batman/Grendel Devil’s Riddle and Devil’s Masque (Matt Wagner)
    I know that last one is a stretch on account that Grendel is not a DC/Warner property; but still… that’s one of the best Batman Stories I’ve read. My other suggestion was Dave Gibbons’ Batman versus Predator; but that one has become kind of a cliché. Too bad, ’cause it’s really good!

  • jzachery says:

    Crisis on Infinite Earths!

  • Shellhead says:

    Teen Titans: Judas Contract (probably not gonna happen what with YJ)
    Kingdom Come
    The Dark Knight Returns
    Aquaman: Time and Tide (again, probably not gonna happen)
    Sinestro Corp War

    These would be a good start, but my ultimate would be:

    Avengers/JLA. Hey, if they can do the comic, they can do a DVD.

  • Jim Abell says:

    What was the third arc in the Superman/Batman comic?… I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that after Emerald Knights and one movie each year following that comic’s continuity with Conroy and Daly in the lead roles each time.

    I think Zatanna’s search for Zatara would make for a great film and since it would essentially be a Justice League story I could see it being a possibility.

  • Jim Abell says:

    …as for “never gonna happen”, I’d love to see the Batman/Punisher and Batman/Mask cross-overs animated. Heck, go all out and animate DC vs Marvel!

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