An open letter to my friend Matty
February 16, 2010

Dear Matty,

On behalf of myself, and everyone else boned today:

Do something….about something.

You’re embarrassing yourself and us.

Thank you.


Your Friend,


Jason "JJJason" Chirevas
Jason Chirevas is a toy collector whether he likes it or not (and he often doesn't). This former Would've-Been Action Hero is as interested in the humanity, psychology, and psychosis of collecting as he is in the action figures themselves. Fun guy.
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  • alterclark2 says:

    And this is why I chose to stick with DCUC instead of MOTUC. The price, plue the uncertainty of obtaining all product…no thanks.

    • JamesLynch says:

      That’s funny. Considering that wave 12 is reportedly out and I’ve yet to see any of wave 11, several figures from waves 8 and 9, and any of wave 2 show up in my area, it’s hilarious that anyone finds DCUC to be a stress-free alternative to MOTUC. Oh, and the price got hiked up to $15, so it’s steadily gaining on MOTUC’s $20 price point.

      • Hourman says:

        Alternatively, I have never had BBTS collapse out from under me when I’ve order sets of waves 2, 8, 9, 11, and 12 from them, unlike my Keystone Cops experiences with our friend Matty.

  • Jason Jason Geyer says:

    What is this in context to? I’m not following, since I don’t read the Matty facebook or new forums.

  • alterclark2 says:

    A lot of people didn’t get their order thru for various reasons, and now many are left without a Battle Cat, or a Trap Jaw, or whatever else they meant to get. Battle Cat himself sold out in 50 some minutes. I was one of the lucky ones, but as a fan of MOTU, I feel bad for the ones that weren’t so lucky.

  • Naughty Boy says:

    makes me think that Mattel is doing this on purpose just to sustain the fans’ “lust” for this toyline

    • Joe G. says:

      How does making the product nigh impossible to get your hands on sustain anything? If anything, I would think that that would make the line less desirable to collect.

      Then again, I collect JLU, and that stuff is never easy to find, so maybe you’re onto something.

  • red Ricky says:

    Actually, Battlecat sold out in 30 minutes; and Trap Jaw in about 6 to 10.

    I had Trap Jaw in my cart and was almost done (I only needed to plug the security code from the back of my credit card) when Matty dumped my order and told me one of the items was sold out.

    To make things more fun, he didn’t tell me which one! So I had to either guess, or start over!!!

    All this within the first 10 minutes of the sale going live!

    • mephisto says:

      You didn’t thank him on the use of zero luberication. This is getting very old.

    • Sector1014 says:

      I had a very similar experience and ended up not getting Trap Jaw or Battle Cat. I don’t see why the orders don’t just go through with everything we put in our carts minus the sold out items. By the time I got my order through it was too late.

  • Miry Clay says:

    Okay… wait… I’m confused… I thought they sold a bunch of folks “subscriptions” to this line so you’d never miss a figure. You’re telling me Mattel pocketed the “subscription” money, and still folks did not get their stuff? Am I missing something?

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    It’s like this every month. Nothing but stress over something that should be fun. Imagine the frustration of not being able to find any DCUC figures although you are told when and where to purchase ahead of time. This is what ticks off MOTUC collectors so much. Every. Freaking. Month.

  • kevfett says:

    Maybe it’s time Matty does a preorder on another run of ALL of the MOTUC figures for a Fall release just in time for Christmas.

  • abawaku says:

    Don’t worry, you can get one on ebay for $90.00. What’s the problem?

  • Eric Qel-Droma says:

    Indeed. I was iffy on this line, but all the shenanigans with the subscriptions, Digital River, sell-outs, etc. are absolutely unacceptable to me. If you’re going to make me pay a premium price, Matty, you’d better provide premium service, as well. All indications are that you’re not providing that service, so you will not get my money.

    (Speaking of sell-outs, the best line I ever heard about them was on the board–it may have been from PAD himself. Someone said, “The best way to ‘sell out’ is not to. Instead, you should have exactly one item left. This minimizes your losses on leftover product, but assures you that every customer who wanted one got one.” I think about this every time Matty “sells out” of something in five minutes or ten minutes or even a WEEK. What a silly way to do business.)

    abawaku: Funny. Sad, but funny.

  • Casimir says:

    The solution that everyone is aware of except Digital River and Matty: Pre-orders. The current method is a ridiculous way to conduct business.

  • chad says:

    that is the main reason i do not touch Motu . for Mattel is just once again making motu return to reclaiming its glory as the number one toy line wind up down in flames. dcuc its mostly the hunt for after all dc direct i can always aquire if i can not find the dcuc classic version. plus Mattel should have just solved the thing from the start and try and get retailers to carry motu . that way fans can also get castle greyskull and snake mountain done by the four horse man. other wise third time for motu is winding up like the last time dieing a bad death.

  • Wildcard says:

    I think you have to be specific with what your blog post is about. Mattel will think you’re complaining about things selling out so quickly. Sure, that is one of the problems and to Mattel, that is not an issue since it was to be expected. They seem to be unaware or ignorant of people having trouble accessing the site or getting all the way to the end of the ordering process only to have it error out on people (and not bec. things are sold out).

  • wadsworth says:

    jasey, well said. that about sums it all up with one quick blunt sentence.
    unfortunatel your letter is addressed to folks that will have no clue what you are talking about.
    by having items sell out so quickly, they see it as a “success”.
    they got their money. they ae all going to sleep just fine tonight.

  • NoisyDvL5 says:

    I like that there’s no distracting keywords for them to get hung up on.

    Today, sucked. They’d better not add anything to the site I want to buy in March/April. I need a couple months off to rest and prepare for Tytus. I knowingly paid extra shipping to avoid hassle and somehow they’ve increased the hassle well past last year.

  • Stiffrightshoulderman says:

    As a DCUC collector, my heart goes out to you MOTUC collectors. Compared to you, my collecting is a walk in the park.

    Q: Why did Matty wear a crown on his junk on Feb. 16th?
    A: So he could screw fans royally.

  • Lightso says:

    This strategy Matty clings to that they want to sell to only rabid fans isn’t inclusive enough and only lessens revenue. By that I mean, they say the DCUC SKU didn’t work because they geared it for the DCUC fan who’d buy any DC figure (no matter how crappy, apparently). With MOTU, they center all of their production numbers around the subscriptions, leaving casual fans to fight for the scraps.
    As a casual fan, I got online at 30 minutes after the sale, and everything I wanted had sold out. So, had the quantity been there they would have apparently made many more sales than just mine- Thus why they’ve commited so quickly to another production run.
    Waiting another 6 months doesn’t bother me like some, but it all begs the question…they really couldn’t guess how fast these popular items would sell?
    The rapid sell-out for Adora should have been the first clue. They need to get their heads out and not just focus on the subscriptions, and if inventory doesn’t sell out for a week it shouldn’t be considered a failure. Does Matty live on Bizarro world or what?

  • UncleMarsellus says:

    For everyone clamoring for preorders, take a look at other companies that do online pre-orders for collector-aimed items. Same problem. Only they upgraded their servers. Sideshow items are always pre-ordered and they can often sell out very quickly. Only Sideshow has upgraded servers and a process that discourages constant refreshes. Master Replicas, when they were around, was the same. Some things sold out in 12 minutes, though, again, they upgraded their servers.

    It’s the same rush to order the item, folks.

    Preorders aren’t the answer. Upgrading servers is.

  • GLsector666 says:

    MOTU, DC properties, Hot Wheels – the list goes on and on and points to one glaring fact: Mattel’s “experts”, are not. BIG TIME. /thumbs down

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