Anime Boston 2009 – The Chibi Project
May 31, 2009

I spent last weekend at Anime Boston, a convention for Anime fans.  Like comic conventions, they have panels, people dressed as characters, costume contests, artists signings, dealer rooms, etc.  I hope to cover several aspects of the convention over a series of blogs.

One panel we attended was "The Chibi Project." 

The people behind the project were given a Chibi toy and decided to destroy it.  Although the initial attempts failed, this led to a number of Anime related toys meeting their demise.  Which they nicely captured on video and put on line for all of us to see.


From their site:

"Years ago, some scientists came into the possession of a small PVC figure of the Sailor Moon character known as "Chibi Moon". Upon realizing the high level of pure evil being radiated by this tiny anime figure, these scientists began to subject the small soldier to a battery of tests. Having failed to determine a method of destruction, they have since moved on to other test subjects in hope of finding a solution.
…but basically, we destroy anime toys for fun."


Tired of that toy that’s been hanging around your collection forever?  Annoying you by its very existence?  Maybe this site will give you some release.

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • sam moreno says:

    That’s a little harsh isn’t it?

    • Erik superfriend says:

      It is my firm belief that the reason Star Wars toys from the late 70’s are so rare is that kids opened them, played with them, and when they got tired of them, tied them to firecrackers and launched them into space.

      I think the Project is kind of cool. That JLU “Polly Pocket” Supergirl, which I’ve had to buy a second time to get my Captain Atom figure, comes to mind when I think of annoying toys that deserve to be put out of their existence.

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