Anime Boston 2009 – What is a Super Hero Fan to Buy?
June 4, 2009

Anime Boston – What is a Super-Hero fan to buy?

Saturday.  I had circled the dealer rooms twice.  Only New England Comics display caught my eye.  They had trade paperbacks of their Tick series.  But at NYCC earlier this year I had been able to pick up Showcase volumes for 5$ each.  25$ or more just felt too much.


I found myself in the gaming room.  Mostly card games like Yugio and Dominion.  I discovered (like Columbus, I mean, they were already there) several VS System champions.  They were all wearing the shirts they had won from various events.  I had never played VS, so I asked if I could watch.  Within a few moments, I was supporting the economy by spending all my spare change on old Justice League packs.  I bought 4 of the 5 they had.  I came back and bought pack 5 on my way back to the hotel room.


Sunday found me there again.  For 20$ I got a full box of Justice League and 2 sealed cases of Infinite Crisis.  Over the past week, my son and I have opened all the JL packs and attempted to learn the basics of this game.  It seems to have a feel very similar to both Yugio and Magic. 

Upper Deck’s website has an interactive video on how to play and a download-able rules book of.  UDE Interactive Demo has a great section of card lists. TCG Player Site.  They get the credit for all the screen shots of the cards here.

And that, plus multiple Dunkin Donuts coffee and sandwich combos, is what this Super Hero fan bought at Anime Boston 2009.

I just like this one (and did not pull it)


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