Ashley Wood and ThreeA Toys obtain Marvel Comics license
February 22, 2013

ThreeA Toys is proud to announce it’s collaboration with Marvel Comics.

That’s right! The house of ideas that is Marvel Comics and ThreeA, are putting their combined talents together to bring you one epic line of 1/6 figures.

The line will consist of classic Marvel characters re-imagined by artist Ashley Wood in the ThreeA style. All the Marvel goodness that you already know and love, with an extra added twist. Releases will start in 2013.

“To get the chance to play with Marvel Comics awesome characters is kinda mind blowing.”

“Well. I’ll say this…My Doc Doom is looking cool. Shouldn’t be saying anything, but this is the place right!”

“We want to do the spectrum from Wolverine to Modok, that gives you an idea of the range. I feel very lucky to have this chance to play with Marvel stuff, pretty cool they are behind it too!  I have spoken to DC in the past but they seemed not that into it, not like Marvel!”

“I’m a comic marvel guy, i don’t care for movie version or naming systems!

“I would love to make 25″ Galactus!“

– Ashley Wood

Read the announcement HERE.

Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
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