Ask Matty for Sept 7th- Mattel Answers
September 9, 2008

Matty from and ToyGuru Jr. sent us the answers to our latest round of questions.that AFI readers have posted in our forums


Q1.  Now that we’ve gotten the classic "super powers" Batman (Blue and gray with the yellow oval) in the JLU line, howabout a classic "short pants" Robin using the mold of the Robin from the animated Batman figures that came out a few years ago?

A: Definitely a possibility and we are exploring a few options for those older “Batman” tools in future sets.  

Q2: Will the new JLU figures sold threw MattyCollector have the same great paint applications as Giganta did? Most of the figures in Target have some serious paint application issues and I was afraid of ordering Giganta blindly off the internet but i was extremely pleased at the way she was painted! Please tell me this much effort and detail will go into the future JLU MattyCollector Exclusives?!

A:  One of the reasons we changes vendors was to improve the quality of the paint ops on all of our figures and you should see the same high quality on all of the figures in the DCU line going forward.

Q3:  Have you guys considered having a system that takes pre-orders on for MOTU and DCUC? That would give you an idea of how many people are interested in your product and how much you might be selling beforehand.

A:  Yes we are looking into the logistics of this and should have something to announce soon. 

Q4:  What is the approximate time between exclusive JLU releases on I would like to know if figures will be released monthly, quarterly, etc…? I am very excited by the great looking new figures shown at S.D.C.C. and can’t wait to actually buy figures this year, since most of 07 and 08 have been pretty dry.

A:  We do not want to announce an exact order date until that is locked down 100%. Not to worry, once we have the product complete we will announce this with much fanfair!

Q5:   When you want to make an obscure JLU character such as The Ray or Nemesis, what’s the process exactly? Are you provided with character/colour guides for even the most obscure, mute characters, or do you watch the episode and use freeze frame to see the character designs?

A:  Warner Brothers has been able to provide us with full turns for pretty much any character who has ever appeared on the show. We do use freeze frames to capture the new package bio images however!

Q6. Now that DCUC will be going to 10 count cases to include legacy figures, will specialty retailers still be offered 8 count cases w/o the legacy figures? I like to order cases, but do not need the repacked figures.

A: Online retailers will not have this exact option, but they will be able to order solid case packs of single figures in 2009.

Q7:   Hey Mattel, now that the DCUC have softer capes is there any chances that we’ll see a Batman with his cape partly cloaked over his shoulders like in the JLU for an example?  Also is there any chance that when/if Bruce is made that he could come with hands for doing the Bat-tussi?

A: In time we will get to a few different versions of Batman (maybe even some with no cape!). No plans at this point for a dancing Bruce though. Stay tuned.

Q8:  Are there any plans to either re release the DCSH wave 8 (?) black and grey Batman, or to make a new modern Batman? It would be nice to have a Modern Batman to go with Nightwing and the Modern Robin.

A:  In time, it is very likely we would re-release this figure. No plans to announce quite right now however.  

Q9:  When can we expect DCUC3 in the Philippines? It took us almost three weeks for DCIH to be released here but its almost been three weeks and still nothing…

A:  That is up to our retail partners in the Philippines. DCUC Wave 3 continues to ship to all customers who ordered it. Mattel does not control things at that level, the individual retailers do.

Q10:  The debut of had to be a huge success. I would like to thank you and Mattel for this. one thing I am concerned with is the time/day of the releases (monday). I was unable to pick up a King Greyskull figure because I was at work when the sale began and the figure was sold out by the time I got home.

In the future, would it be possible to start the sales at more convenient time, like on a Saturday when most people are at home and able to make a purchase? I am hoping this was a one time thing, due to SDCC ending on a Sunday.

I wouldn’t be so irked, but when a site like WIZARDUNIVERSE is able to purchase the figure and resell it for $70, it’s a little frustrating. Granted, they may or may not have been able to buy case after case at SDCC, but I wouldn’t doubt that they took the opportunity to buy the figure from the collector site as well.

Thanks again for the great site! I was actually able to purchase a Giganta figure and a Lobo figure, both of which are fantastic! Looking forward to more exclusives in the future!

A:  We learned a lot from the release of the SDCC exclusive on and are working on improving the process when new product goes on sale at the end of the year. We don’t have any specific details quite yet, but our goal is to make the buying process as smooth as possible and ensure all collectors can get the product they want.

Also, the SDCC figures were much more limited then a standard Mattycollector product will be.


 You can find our past Q&A’s here. And you can discuss the answers at our Mattel board. 

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