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Laerico asks: Hi Julius!! Your new site is amazing, congratulations!
Well, Kingdom Come will complete 10 years in 2006, and we know the first 3 waves sold really well, so, is there any hope of seeing one or two waves of Kingdom Come figures in 2006? C`mon, they could even include new versions of the big guns with each wave, like civilian Clark or farmer Clark, and exo-skeleton Bruce!

Julius says: Thanks. I can't take credit for much of the look. I just bought a tabloid at the grocery store and showed it to Jason and said "kind of like that" and then he went to town and you can see the result! The first 3 waves of Kingdom Come did sell well for DC Direct and it does still feel a bit incomplete to many collectors. I have heard from reliable sources that Alex Ross himself has lobbied DC Direct to at least do a two-pack of the Spectre and Norman McKay if not another wave. I'd love to see those two and maybe Jade, Blue Beetle or Von Bach.

Chad asks: Any word of a animated version or another DC Direct Lobo in the works?

Julius says: You won't be seeing an animated version of Lobo any time soon. Mattel has made the request of DC Comics several times to be able to make "the main man" as part of the Justice League Unlimited line and each time the answer has come back from DC that they don't want to market that character to kids...even though Lobo has appeared on the show... which is marketed to kids. Yeah, I don't get it either. I haven't heard and talk of DC Direct re-release or updated version.


Victor asks: Hi Julius, love your new web site!! Hey just wanted to know two things. Will we ever see the Marvel select She Hulk released by anyone else at retail? I know its a exclusive but couldn't they release it from diamond select web site? Also what's up with DC direct changing the scale on there figurer's? Can't they keep the same scale? What is there reasoning? Thanks for all the help, love the site!! Peace!!

Julius says: So far, the plan is for She Hulk to be a Wizard convention only exclusive. She won't even be sold at Comic Con International in San Diego this year. But DST has been great about getting fans some of their specialty exclusives such as their Toy Fair and Comic Con exclusives to the "Radicals" in their fan club, so I guess it's possible if they have any spares left over at the end of convention season, they may make them available. I'll look more into the possibility and let you know. As for the DC Direct scale issue, They talk a bit about that in part two of my exclusive interview with the Art Directors. You can read all about it in the interviews section of the site.

Matt asks: Hello, I am wondering if there are any plans to ever make Ferris Bueller action figures?

Julius says: Wow. Now that is one I've never heard requested before. Nope. I have not heard any plans for Ferris Bueller figures. I'm not sure who would pursue that license. Maybe it would fall under NECA's "Reel Toys." They could do a whole line of "Leisure Rules!" products like lunch boxes, shot glasses and sweater vests. I don't see it happening unless there is some big push for the film's anniversary. but hey! I guess if McFarlane is doing Napoleon Dynamite figures anything can happen! Until that announcement is made you will have to be satisfied making our own custom Mathew Broderick figure out of one of those Trendmaster's Godzilla figures... that looked nothing like him.

Pixo asks: Julius, Since the FF began appearing in Marvel Legends assortments, I've wanted a clear Sue Storm to complete the team. That (along with H.e.r.b.i.e) would've been enough to make me buy the variant FF box set - but I wasn't lucky enough to find one.With the release of FF movie figures, presumably with a ML scale clear Sue, will ML produce a comics-version, single-carded, clear Invisible Girl figure in future series? Or should I just grab a movie figure and accept that this is as close as we're going to get?

Julius says: I think the translucent movie Invisible Woman figure is a good stand in if you don't want to track down the variant boxed set. I haven't heard any announcements so far, but if history repeats itself maybe we could see a line of Fantastic Four Classics.


Rod asks: Dear Julius, Congratulations on your new web site, I've been a loyal fan for years. My question is this and it's come up before. Will DC Direct ever create a "Christopher Reeve" Superman figure. Thank you.

Julius says: It's funny I have heard several people ask this of DC Direct over the years and most recently the answer changed from "it's too difficult to secure all the rights from all the necessary people" to "ya never know." Now that doesn't mean it's a done deal, but it at least sounds like they are willing to ask the questions of some people. There was a thread on the DC Direct boards a few months back where they were rallying for a Reeve figure. Many of them said they would be willing to pay a little more for the figure and suggested that a portion of the proceeds of the figure could go towards Christopher Reeves research foundation. I think that would be a great idea. I know I'd be willing to shell out a few more bucks for something like that.

Rob Q says: Hey Julius, since you left AFT I haven't gotten any good info on toys. Thank god you're back on the net !!! I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS !!! and WELCOME BACK !!! you are defiantly top notch !!! Thanks

Julius says: Thanks Rob. I'm glad you were able to find the new place. I hope you like all the changes and we have plenty more good stuff in store for you so stay tuned!


Sarah asks: I was recently at the store and saw the display of 14" Action Cape Batman figures. There were two different poses in the boxes. One pose placed the "batarang" near Batman's left arm, while the other pose placed the weapon near his crotch. He is also looking in two different directions depending on the box. My question is, is one pose more rare than another? Is one pose worth more? Thanks for any light you can shed on this quandary.

Julius says: I talked to the line manager for Batman Begins and he confirmed that there are two poses to the figure in the package. Neither pose is more rare than the other. This was just done to add variety to the shelf displays.

Sebastian asks: Hello. I´m Sebastian from Argentina!. I want to know when the new 3 packs of JLU (hawk, dove, etc) will be released. Thank you very much!

Julius says: Hi Sebastian! The new JLU 3-packs, the ones with Atom Smasher, Booster Gold, Hawk and Dove, are just now starting to hit in the states. Most of the reports I have seen so far have been from Toys R Us stores.

WaynedBruce asks: Julius, Thanks for your assist from my question about the Mattel 6" Batman figures last month. My regular comic store guy missed seeing Bats in the March Previews but with your help, I was able to let him know, he contacted the distributor and now I have a case coming. I appreciate it!
Now, an additional question/favor....Would you be able to inquire and give a heads up if the Mattel AeroBat you discussed the other day shows up in Previews? I'd really appreciate it!!!

Julius says: Glad I could help out with your Bat-Quest WB! Right now there are no plans to bring the AeroBat vesicle to the states.

Kyle asks: Hi, have you heard anything about a second series of Green Lantern figures from DC direct? Seeing as it's called Rebirth series one, I can only assume there will be a second wave forthcoming. I'm wondering if it will include a Guy Gardner or a John Stewart or should I pony up the bucks and grab 'em off of ebay. Thanks, love the new site!

Julius says: I haven't heard anything official about a second wave of Green Lantern figures, but I know that the first wave sold very well and have received much fan praise. A second wave would make a lot of sense with the Green lantern Corps being reformed and the new ongoing Green Lantern series starting soon. I don't think a second wave would include John Stewart since he is already on his way in the new JLA boxed set announced at Toy Fair. We will probably know more this summer as convention season starts. Or as soon as I hear anything you'll read it here on AFI!

That's all the time for this installment. Keep those questions coming in. If you have a question you can email them to or my new address: Or you can post them over at the "Ask Julius" boards on the forum.

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