Cesar Zamora
Born and raised in El Paso, TX. I grew up collecting and displaying toys. My love for action figures has only been strengthened by the fact that the internet provides a community to share that love with. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA freelance writing and buying too many toys.
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March 23, 2013
20130323_142621-1-500x440.jpg They’re just the “Battlers” but maybe the rest will follow soon…


February 26, 2013
LEGO-Batman-cover-art-405x600.jpg TT ANIMATION PRODUCES FULL-LENGTH FILM BASED ON POPULAR VIDEO GAME LEGO BATMAN: THE MOVIE DC SUPER HEROES UNITE! COMING MAY 21, 2013 FROM WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT Clancy Brown reprises Superman: The Animated Series role of Lex Luthor on Blu-rayTM Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand & Digital Download BURBANK, CA (February 26, 2013) – DC…


October 13, 2012
IMG_0761-500x375.jpg Pictures from the Mattel Booth at NYCC 2012, including a closer look at the Gray Skull blueprints and a message from Toy Guru:


October 13, 2012
Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Returns-Part-2-500x281.jpg At NYCC 2012 there was a sneak peek of Batman: Dark Knight Returns part 2, the movie looks great. Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano were on hand to promote the film. Trailer Below: [youtube]http://youtu.be/reo00MAfUCE[/youtube]   I spoke to Bruce Timm briefly and asked him about JLU: [youtube]http://youtu.be/cZnyL6RkTtg[/youtube] Look for the movie on Bluray next year!


October 12, 2012


October 11, 2012
IMG_0311-500x375.jpg NYCC 2012 is here! Last night Hasbro held a press event instead of having a booth and showcased some of their new product. Afterward they handed out a “goodie-bag”, which included a variety of Hasbro toys. Today I’ll be looking at the Marvel Exclusive Old Man Logan Figure.


September 26, 2012
superman-500x197.jpg About 6 years ago, in 2006, I started collecting Justice League Unlimited figures which then prompted me to actually watch the show they were based on. I fell in love with both. Collecting became a passion and a hobby that kept me going and interested. The evolution of the show, much like the figures, seemed…


September 20, 2012
IMG_0162-500x375.jpg Earlier tonight I attended the World Premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 1 of 2 at the Paley Center for Media in New York City. 2012 will be remembered as one of the best years for superhero movies and luckily this direct to video movie is only another plus in that column. The…


January 27, 2012
Bruce_Wayne_BTBATB_0081.png Batman: Brave and the Bold was scary for many reasons: it had a light tone, it was not a Timm-verse Batman, and Oswald from “The Drew Carey Show” was BATMAN!!! The toys were even scarier, they weren’t in scale with JLU and they had crazy peg-holes, PEG-HOLES!!!!! The magic of the show won fans  over,…


January 10, 2012
Missionimpossible4-500x239.jpg Please note the opinions and views expressed in this blog are my own and you should agree with them.


April 14, 2011
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My girlfriend and I recently took a week long trip to Mexico, the Motherland. I call it the Motherland because both my parents are Mexican, and while I was born and raised in the USA, I was brought up with a rich Mexican heritage and speak fluent Spanish. So naturally I’ve been to Mexico several…


February 15, 2011
Earlier this evening I attended the All-Star Superman movie premiere hosted at the Paley Center for Media in New York City, presented by Warner Home Video. The film is obviously based on the Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely comic of the same name, the latest in  a string of direct to video animated films set…