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January 18, 2009
Anyone else ever note the similarities between the Super Powers final series and MOTU figures?  I have all my carded SP3 in the same bookcase, and realized this the other day : Cyborg = Trap Jaw Plastic Man = Mekaneck Mr. Miracle = Man-At-Arms (the only one I feel is a reach) Shazam = King…


July 27, 2008
What a difference one day makes.  One glorious day, July 25th…the whole JLU collecting world was turned upside-down.  As I come down from my euphoria, I realize my previous "Finishing the Show" blog is now outdated.  I thought about the few glaring holes in my list due to the wonderous unveilings from Mattel, and I…


July 26, 2008
Wow…just, wow.  I am blown away. Never, and I mean *never* in a million years did I think we were going to be blindsided by THIS. JLU, the line pronounced deader-than-dead by many (including me about one thousand times on the boards) is not only alive and well…but soaring over the planet and smiling. Not…


July 1, 2008
It’s amazing how reading something can call up so many memories all at once.  Pierre’s recent blog about holy grails in collecting immediately called up so much for me…times in my life, emotions I was feeling, and yes…things I was collecting. My collecting history actually sucks.  I was never motivated to work or finish college,…


June 19, 2008
38.jpg As most board members know from reading my posts, I’m not only a big fan of the JLU action figure line…I’m also a vocal proponent of the line being "complete."  By "complete" I mean all of the important characters being immortalized in plastic.  Now, I realize that some characters like Captain Cold are important to…


April 26, 2008
Let me tell you, it was an impromptu jaunt that ended up lucky for me.  I had ordered a fish for one of my saltwater tanks, but that pet shop wasn’t open until 11am.  Here it was 10:15am and I’d already visited PetSmart to pick up the organic food I feed my cats (yes, I’m…


April 20, 2008
    Ouch.  My head hurts.  This past weekend has been a whirlwind for me.  Work at my regular job.  Work at the business I’m in with my dad.  Transferring all my items from a small storage unit to a much larger one.  Spending time with my new girlfriend.  All that and still maintaining the level…


April 17, 2008
     Well, it seems I’ve finally found a woman who accepts my inner geek.  She bought me a little present the other day, which I promptly affixed to my Jeep.  You’ll know you’re driving behind The Chipster, and if you’re an otter you’ll be jealous.  😀  


April 15, 2008
     So I’m sitting at my desk weeks ago, trying to figure out some sort of neat little hook for my blog.  I tend to write about random crap, whether inside the world of toys or not.  In my bio I’m going to recap my online history and basically attempt to justify why people should…