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July 6, 2009
I was goofing around with the light box today and taking some pictures for the website when I decided to start taking good, quality images of everything I have.  So, I figured people might enjoy seeing some of the results.  While I don’t have enough information to do a formal blog on the Super Amigos…


June 15, 2009
Something that was lacking, but soon will not be.  Just in time for the 25th anniversary! I almost hate to say this phrase, but it IS a site about a Mattel line :  "Stay tuned!" Peace, Chip    


June 14, 2009
kickass.jpg This is the greatest collecting day ever.  Not only did my good friend Joe Grunenwald score me a 33-back Super Powers Batman off of eBay (when I thought I’d missed it), but I just unpacked the following…which all showed up at once.  It’s mind-blowing. From left-to-right  : Top Row – Super Amigos Batman, Robin (only…


June 8, 2009
flashlight1.jpg Hello hello!  Welcome yet again to another installment of the blog preferred by none of my ex-fiancees…the Super Powers Highlight!  I’m switching it up (still) before I get back to writing about the SP action figures and NOT covering one again this time.  Super Powers to me, is more than the action figures.  There are…


June 8, 2009
electrohead.jpg This is the first time I’ve felt compelled & justified in making a short "addendum" blog to one of my previous entries.  As my loyal readers will remember, a short time ago I wrote about the Electro figure in my first Secret Wars Highlight. Well, my new friend Jason Sanders read that, sent along two…


June 5, 2009
gulliver02.jpg A pretty damn cool thing, this is.  It’s the pack-in catalog for the Secret Wars figures released by the Gulliver toy company in Brazil. Note that all the figures come with stands, as well.  I’ve only ever seen two of the carded Gulliver releases come up for sale, and they’ve both been very expensive.  Hopefully…


May 29, 2009
When the end result shows up in the mail in bunches, it makes the soreness in the morning and the aches and pains when I roll into my condo at 11:30pm each night worth it.  My boss at the piano store (where I have my packages sent) was kind enough to drop them into my…


May 28, 2009
For those who don’t check LOLCat on a daily or weekly basis, I thought this was hilarious and wanted to share it with y’all :   Peace,  Chip  


May 26, 2009
electro04.jpg Well, hello everybody!  I thought I’d switch things up a bit this week and do my first Secret Wars highlight.  Not just content to give an overview of some common ruffian, I’m starting things off with a bang and putting the spot light squarely on Electro. As most Secret Wars collectors know, the line had…


May 17, 2009
The dog ate my homework. Seriously. I was done with this blog.  Finished.  Just putting the "Peace, Chip" on the end.   I hit "Save Draft." It came back empty.   So…given who I am and my certain sense of humor, I have to say the following :


May 10, 2009
logos.jpg Welcome to my latest Super Powers Highlight!  I apologize for the relatively lengthy delay between entries.  I didn’t have access to a digital camera to take some decent shots for the blog here, but I got a chance to not only borrow one but also purchase a nice used Nikon off the ‘Bay…so hopefully no…


April 30, 2009
namestrip.jpg   Welcome, one and all to yet another Super Powers highlight.  Today I’m showcasing perhaps the most common of the Gulliver Super Powers releases, Wonder Woman.  Keep in mind that when I use the term "most common" I mean it’s still rarer than nearly every single US carded release and most of the Super Amigos. …