Bill "Fresh Monkey" Murphy
Bill hails from the land of sunny Los Angeles, CA. When he's not blogging about his favorite things here at AFI he produces visual effects for movies and writes comic books. He also just started his own toy company called Spy Monkey Toys with fellow AFI blogger Jeremy Sung. His toy collection consists of everything from Superheroes to miniature monkeys. If you want to read more of his crazy rantings you can check out his blog at
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August 18, 2011
FB_Logo_ver03-450x600.jpg Well here it is almost 3 months later and I’m getting to part 02 of my blog on “Making your own Action Figure (Is it even possible?)”….ugh how time flies.    You can read the last update HERE. So where are we at now…well before I get into that I want to talk about all the…


May 24, 2011
  Welcome to the 1st of what I hope to be a series of articles on what I hope will end in the creation of my own action figure. Crazy right? Well one can only hope. As many of you know I started Spy Monkey Creations with fellow AFI “Man of Action” Jeremy Sung a…


September 29, 2009
Hey Folks!!!! Your pal Fresh Monkey here. It’s time for another installment of : “A Discussion that looks Inside the Mind of the Insane Ramblings of Spy Magician & the Fresh Monkey!!!” Spy Magician and I haven’t had the time to tag-team a review in a long while cause we’ve been busy.  He got married,…


March 12, 2009
This just made me laugh today. Now available at BBTS.  


February 10, 2009
Hello Marvel Universe, Goodbye Marvel Legends, it was fun while it lasted.   *  Well I fear the end of Marvel Legends is almost here. Even though I’ve heard from a few industry insiders that Hasbro is still gonna support ML, I think the end is near. Here are the signs:


August 24, 2008
So as many of you can tell by looking at the toy shelves the Indian Jones figures have not sold as well as Hasbro anticipated. Initially Hasbro said that they had BIG plans for the future of this line. Well I think those plans have bit the dust. From what I have read around the…


May 7, 2008
So after reading Scott’s reviews of the new Indy toys I decided to go out over my lunch hour and pick some of them up. Being that I had a $40.00 TRU gift card eating a hole in my wallet I thought that’d be the best place to go. Well to my surprise there was…


April 27, 2008
It’s not everyday that you catch a really great cartoon. Let’s face it Saturdays morning cartoons are made for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great characters and tell good stories. Unfortunately these days, those are few and far between. Bruce Timm and company really raised the bar with Batman the animated series…


April 14, 2008
  Well it’s post Toy Fair time. As this is my 1st blog here at AFI I thought not only would it be appropriate to discuss Toy Fair, but also for those who don’t know me to take this opportunity to look into the inter-workings of my brain.    Toy Fair is not only the…