Glenn Moss
Born in 1952 (you do the math), making me one of the proverbial "old farts" involved in toys, comic books, and other juvenile activities that everyone said I should have outgrown decades ago. Fortunately, my wife of 36 years is an understanding soul. A firm believer in the philosophy of Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Robin Williams and Chris Rock. Am now indoctrinating my grandchildren to carry on so that when I finally fade away there will be another generation of odd neighbors who seemed nice and kept to themselves.
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April 24, 2008
Finally, the show that demonstrates that I am nothing more than a Lemming running towards the cliff returns.  Thank the TV gods!  But I’m not really going to talk about the upcoming episode.  No.  Instead I’m going to share some of my brilliant insight on a hot button topic on LOST, namely who’s eye was…


April 22, 2008
My daughter-in-law, Shannon, ships out a week from today for her second tour of duty in Iraq.  She will be gone for 15 months.  She is a medic with the 101st out of Fort Campbell in Kentucky and I cannot express my pride and respect that I have for her.  While she is in harm’s…


April 19, 2008
Boy howdy!  I’m as excited as Jessie, Bullseye and Prospector Pete when Sheriff Woody showed up!   After seeing the first pictures from New York Comic Convention and then reading Cantania Dan’s Blog I though I should do a back flip for joy!  Unfortunately, Medicaid doesn’t cover such stunts, so I must content myself with…


April 18, 2008
It appears that Captain Action will be returning  as an action figure again!  Most of you probably only vaguely  remember him.  But, being the old fart that I am, I have fond memories of the good Captain.   Ideal came out with the Captain Action doll/action figure and his sidekick, Action Boy in direct competition…


April 16, 2008
I’m sitting here switching between a Yankees/Red Socks game and the movie Big and thinking about the movie even as I watch the game.  Was Josh the luckiest kid on the planet when he was changed into an adult?  I suppose people could write dissertations for their doctorates on the issue.  But I know that…


April 15, 2008
Wow!    Me blogging, and for AFI no less!  Either the people in the corner offices have lost their minds or the patients are now running the asylum.  In any event I am overjoyed to be here.  And, i want to say "Thank You" to everyone at AFI.  It is an honor and I truly…