Jeff Cope
Jeff Cope has been collecting toys and action figures since he was a wee lad growing up in the 70s, and is still waiting to grow out of it. He's been involved in the online collecting community since he first started writing for Raving Toy Maniac in the mid-90s, and is proud to call AFi his online home.
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July 4, 2010
Happy 4th of July! God bless the USA! Have a safe and happy fourth of July, everyone! Take a moment to remember the sacrifices of those who have allowed us the freedoms we enjoy today! [youtube][/youtube]


June 30, 2010
Happy B-Day, Ray Harryhausen! Ray Harryhausen turned 90 years old on June 29th. If the name isn’t familiar to you, Harryhausen was the master of stop motion animation, creating a bounty of some of the most imaginative motion pictures of the 50s, 60s and 70s. While crude by today’s CGI standards of cinematic effects, Harryhausen’s work was nothing short…


June 16, 2010
  A couple of columns back I wrote about Privateer Press’s upcoming Voltron Miniatures Battle Game that is launching in July. In that I mentioned that the game was a fully-compatible spin-off with another game from Privateer called Monsterpocalypse. Monsterpocalypse is a table-top miniatures game of giant monster combat. It’s every kaiju movie come to…


June 14, 2010
I’ve been collecting toys for longer than I care to admit.  Most of the time when I was a kid you found out about a new toys was to be surprised by it when you saw it in a store. Back then (and we’re talkin’ the 70s here) there were only a few ways to…


June 11, 2010
A new movie-based action figure line has recently hit the toy store shelves, and with it came the requisite round of internet complaining. Complaints ranged from the sculpting, to the paint apps, to the articulation. Comments ranged from "some of the worst executed tiny line figures ever" to "horrendous" to "the fact that they have…


June 9, 2010
So now Voltron’s coming back, eh? The 80s renaissance continues as a new animated series, Voltron Force, was announced this week along with an accompanying toyline from Mattel. Now, I was never a huge Voltron fan. I’m typically not into giant robots (which is odd, considering how much I loved Shogun Warriors back in the…


June 7, 2010
I’m getting older. There’s been definite signs. They’re impossible to miss, as much as I have tried to. My continued interest, nay, obsession with toys isn’t one of them. There’s the expected like forgetting things more often than I used to. Becoming tired sooner than I used to. My body aches more often (and easier)…


May 24, 2010
Welcome to the latest installment of Game On!, my blog within a blog covering the wonderful world of tabletop gaming. Like many collectors, I tend to have a fairly obsessive personality. So, when something really catches my interest I can easily develop tunnel vision. Ever since the Four Horsemen’s announcement, less than a month ago,…


May 21, 2010
Way back in October of 2006 I wrote a blog entitled Finally, Sports Figures Done Right. It was about Gracelyn Toys then brand new line of 5" articulated NFL players called RePlays. As a casual sports fan (I’m definitely a fan, just not a fantatic) I had only a passing interest in previous sports lines…


May 19, 2010
Origins of a Real American Hero GI JOE: A Real American Hero is, hands down, my favorite toyline of all time. I love the Joes vs Cobra storyline, I love the characters and I especially love the toys! The other day I came across a video (first saw it on that is going to be part of an in-production documentary…


May 17, 2010
It’s amazing what you can find out there in the Intertubes. Through a series of links starting initially on Paul Nomad’s (formerly of Facebook page I discovered a new small toy company called ZICA Toys. Upon visiting their site I saw they were hard at work on a couple of very interesting projects.


May 14, 2010
When you hear the term ‘boardgame’ what comes to mind? Monopoly? Life? Maybe Risk or even Axis & Allies if you like your games a bit more on the strategic side. I love a good boardgame, but I like my games to be epic.  Thankfully there’s several companies out there producing amazing boardgames that are…