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It's the all new, all different SpyMagician! No longer single, no longer an educator, but still 100% Toygeek! "I make good customized actions figures, but I also collect Pokemon. Go figure..."
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December 2, 2011
SpyMagician and Fresh Monkey again with a tag team review of the great new Slaughter’s Marauders and Dreadnok 7 packs from BigBadToyStore and Hasbro! Join us won’t you?


November 20, 2011
SpyMagician here!  Reporting from the great white north!  Read on for coverage of a really cool Fan Event at Metropolis Comics in the Greater Vancouver, BC area!    


June 5, 2011
  Join me for my impressions of botcon and coverage of the Botcon 2011 Hasbro Panel!


June 3, 2011
Well, it’s time once again for BOTCON!   The con opens to the public tomorrow  6/4/11, but today pre-registered attendees got a preview of the sales floor.     So join me for a some initial thoughts on Botcon 2011 won’t you…?  


May 8, 2011
So the new Green Lantern movie is almost here and the accompanying Mattel Toy line is out.  Many fans are disappointed by the lack of articulation in the 4" series, but the energy construct accessories are simply amazing and work for all kinds of Green Lanter figures!    


June 9, 2010
Join me once again for an obsessively in-depth look at one of the gang from Toy Story 3:  Chunk!    


June 7, 2010
Join me for a look at all the currently available toy versions of Twitch, from the upcoming  "Toy Story 3!"    


June 3, 2010
  No, you’re not seeing things, that is a 6" Snake Eyes action figure! Click on for the full scoop!


April 27, 2010
So as Toy Story 3 was approaching, Disney/Pixar unveiled various new characters and one in particular caught my eye:  The Insectaloid Warrior Twitch!  So does MAN + INSECT indeed equal AWESOME?   Read on!  


April 23, 2010
  Add-on and accessories for your existing toys are a hot and growing trend!  (One I’m happy to say I’m part of!) So read on to find out just what kind of add-ons and gear you can get for your collection!  


April 10, 2010
Over the last few months we’ve seen a lot of new lines go the Mego route.     My question is this:   Is there really is a huge untapped demand for figures in this format or is it driven by the fact that manufacturers can produce these type of figures relatively cheaply and still ask for…


March 11, 2010
Does your Retro-Action DC Super Heroes collection suffer from a debilitating condition causing the figures to stoop, bend, lean and otherwise act depressed, listless and hunchbacked?  Come find out how you can cure this terrible condition just like our friend Hal here!    


November 12, 2009
Here’s a fun little project I worked on with Idolz Toys!  


June 15, 2009
Here’s a little sneak peek at the upcoming JLU Doom Patrol! Read on…!  


June 13, 2009
Read on to see how I created a sword worthy of a Cosmic Enforcer…    


June 9, 2009
Coming soon to the Comic Con International in San Diego, CA…    


June 3, 2009
As a toy collector there are moment’s you live for.   This is one of them. Read on for my review of my all time favorite Masters of the Universe character in his Masters of the Universe Classics incarnation…    


April 12, 2009
So you’ve seen the fine pics right here at AFI, and thanks to our fearless leader Julius Marx, I can now give you  my review of the Master of Eternia’s Undersea Realm!   Does he sink or swim…?   Read on…!  


March 20, 2009
So Punisher War Zone was released on DVD recently! Does it hit the mark?  Here’s what I thought…


March 10, 2009