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It's the all new, all different SpyMagician! No longer single, no longer an educator, but still 100% Toygeek! "I make good customized actions figures, but I also collect Pokemon. Go figure..."
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March 7, 2009


March 6, 2009


March 5, 2009


February 10, 2009
So this week at NYCC, my favorite MOTU character was announced as the August MOTUC figure release:  Tri-Klops! Of course, I already have made a custom  MOTUC Tri-Klops… So how does one feel when you get a "real figure" of a custom you’ve made?  


January 28, 2009
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  My DCUC Collection just got a little cooler!


January 18, 2009
As promised, thanks to Mattel and our own JM we have reviews of both the upcoming MOTUC Faker and…Stratos!  


November 21, 2008
Ah the holidays are here!  Sure, most folks think turkey, Santa and whatnot.  But for me one special part of the holidays is CHAP MEI!   Who is this mysterious ninja lurking by my rice cooker…?  Read on!    


November 10, 2008
 It’s easily my most anticipated line for 2008, so let’s see how MOTUC measures up in this advance review!  


August 18, 2008
No current toyline engenders more mixed feelings in me than Mattel’s DCIH…  So close yet so far…  But would they be better if they were more like this?    


July 24, 2008
To the hundreds of thousands in attendance, and the millions at home on the internet…  Comic.  Con.  Is.  Crazy.  


April 24, 2008
 So I recently made a momentous change in my life!  I got ENGAGED! Does this mean the end of collecting? 


April 16, 2008
Call me crazy, but I often keep buying the same characters over and over.  If it’s one of my favories, I collect and customize endless variations of the same the character.  I know.  It’s a bit odd.  My good pal FreshMonkey has a much saner approach to collecting.  He simply gets one "definitive" version of…