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"Gathered together from the four corners of the universe." Oh, wait, that's the show, not me. Erik "SuperFriend" Skov never actually got to appear on the show, although he did watch it every week. Erik spent 6 years working for Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI before leaving for a job that paid more (Why else would a collector leave the company that was making Star Wars, Transformers, and while I was there Batman). I used to post all over the net. These days I tend to hang my hat at AFI.
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February 8, 2010
Well, I’ve been hoping this would come.  After the really cool trading card game they did with Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, I was hoping there would be one for the next movie.  And WB/DC Animation did not disappoint. JL Crisis Facebook App


February 8, 2010
 I wish people who wrote virus programs used their time more productively.  I’ve been hit yet again on my older PC which is still running XP.  MacAfee, provided by my cable company, failed to stop it.  Last time, I went crazy, trying all kinds of things and ultimately reset it from the beginning.  I never got…


February 3, 2010
 HeroClix have been back for a while.  And I feel remiss for not blogging their return.  Then again, most stores in my area have not carried the product since the return and there are no nearby places to play anymore.  So they only kind of came back. Brief history.  HeroClix were created by WizKidsGames.  The…


January 16, 2010
 From a recent Mattel Q & A: ======================= Will Mattel be producing action figures based on the new Justice League Crisis on Two Earths animated film? ============================================================ No. This DVD release was too soon after Public Enemies for us to make a move based on current DVD figure sales. ============================================================ Unfortunately, Mattel missed the obvious…


December 26, 2009
 I’ve been reading articles at  about how the Avengers has been turned into a franchise.  It hit me this morning.  As more of a DC fan than Marvel, why has DC not turned the Justice League into a franchise?   Sure, there was JLA Classified, but that folded a few years back without even a…


December 8, 2009
 I was on my way to lunch and suddenly in front of me was huge poster of a toy I did not know was coming.  There on the entrance to Burger King was a giant picture of Captain America from the Super Hero Squad.  Apparently, this had completely slipped under my radar.  The big deal…


December 3, 2009
Based upon the feedback from my prior blog, I’ve done some thinking.  What I’ve realized is that once I got started writing, I tried to put too many ideas in the blog which were not necessarily a good fit together. Click here to visit the referenced blog.   1. Saving money.  In this economy, we…


November 21, 2009
I’ve asked before if people think that DcDirect is in direct competition for our money with Mattel’s DCUC line.  The replies have been mostly, "no".  However, at least in my case, more often than not, they are.   Case in point, this past week.  My local comic shop, Time Capsule in Cranston, RI (free plug),…


November 15, 2009
ToyGuru wrote: "The new 6 packs should be out in a few weeks too. Look for the Hawk and Eclipso packs only at Target! TG " This news is only partially great. Great that the Hawk set is shipping (3 new characters, 1 new cool variant costume). Disappointing that Mattel is still producing the Eclipso pack…


October 7, 2009
I’ve always been a bit of a spend thrift.  In this economy of I find it even harder to let go of my money.  In the pursuit of our hobby along these lines, I find patience to be my best ally.  This time, it guided me to an animation buy.


September 19, 2009
I’ve never really spent any time on Facebook.  You could count my "friends" there on one hand.  So imagine my surprise as to how fun it was to enter the Superman / Batman Sweepstakes there.   Superman Batman Application on Face Book 


September 6, 2009
I’m getting very curious about the upcoming lineup for the JLA.  The current team has been decimated by current events in the DCU.  And upcoming covers have shown some interesting  stuff.  One shows Mon-El, Batman (Grayson), and Donna Troy.  I’ve long been a fan of the Titans, but am unsure how I feel about them…


September 4, 2009
Yesterday, I was in the checkout line at a small grocery store in the next town over.  They used to have a store in my town, but constant road construction in front of their store finally killed of enough business that they closed that store. Anyway, I was driving by their store in the next…


September 1, 2009
The JLA.  The Worlds Greatest Super Heroes.  There are proponents for the return to each era of the team for current stories.  The "Big 7".  The Satellite Era.  JL International (Giffen/DeMattis).  Morrison era.  Post Obsidian Age, Meltzer/McDuffie.  All of these have their good and bad stories.  But one name bugs me every time I hear…


August 12, 2009
A while back, one of the other Men of Action blogged about the shirts he’d picked up over the years. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about writing a similar blog about mine.  Here goes.


August 1, 2009
The more I look at this line, the less sense some of the characters made make.  The selection made me uneasy, so I pulled out and reviewed my Superman / Batman issues 1 thru 6.  The really odd ones are Icicle and Brimstone.  From the comic, Icicle is one of many Cold related villains who…


July 21, 2009
10$.  What did it get me this week?  It got me a box in the mail.  A box from eBay.  What was in the box?  Read on.


July 21, 2009
I think its fair to say on this site that the DC Mattel toys get the most comments.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some ugly.  Its because we care.  We love the characters so much.  And Mattel keeps them coming.  Here is some of what they showed us in February which led to all those discussions.


July 20, 2009
Thinking about SDCC and realizing that many of my pics from NYCC never made it onto the site.  So, here are some more, to remind you of what we saw back in February.  And to whet your appetite for later in the week.


July 20, 2009
I know everyone is waiting for SDCC.  While you do, here is a look back at the people I met at NYCC.