Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
Current designer, future artist, eternal manchild, Ryan "The Superfly" Prast uses his toynerd acumen to delve deep into the profound nuances of life. With a penchant for tiny plastic men and nostalgia of times past, he also enjoys panelology, obscure cultural references, tomfoolery and/or shenanigans, conspiracy theories, and watching his Cubs flush another season down the toilet. And he always keeps his fork when there’s pie.
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October 18, 2006
My family lost one of our own earlier this week. Randy Presnell passed away on Monday morning. The exact family relationship is too convoluted to explain but he was my buddy, my pal, a father figure and a close friend.  He died peacefully in his sleep, and despite some recent health issues it was totally unexpected.   He…


October 10, 2006
Okay, so some of you are wondering what the deal is with this Superfly guy.  I mean he seems like a hip cat, right?  Nice, cool guy maybe, or pretty damn funny. Or annoying or totally full of himself or really cute or superhot or kinda like Jared from Subway? (I have been called all of…


October 9, 2006
Well, here it is – for some crazy reason the nutjobs running this show decided to give me a public forum, a place where I can wax nostalgic and whim to my heart’s delight.  So get ready for some waxing and whimming I guess.