Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
Current designer, future artist, eternal manchild, Ryan "The Superfly" Prast uses his toynerd acumen to delve deep into the profound nuances of life. With a penchant for tiny plastic men and nostalgia of times past, he also enjoys panelology, obscure cultural references, tomfoolery and/or shenanigans, conspiracy theories, and watching his Cubs flush another season down the toilet. And he always keeps his fork when there’s pie.
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April 4, 2007
brawl.jpg OK, so I’m a couple days late – but being a baseball fan, and Diehard Cubs fan in particular, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Not just for baseball, but also the springtime, which means warmer weather, longer daylight, the end of crappy cold winter day & those fun-filled lazy summer days are…


March 10, 2007
ok the dramatic title aside, recently some issues have arisen that will make it much more difficult to collect all the things I have in the past – not to say that I will have to stop completely, but financially it will just be more difficult and I really have to think hard about my…


February 19, 2007
coreys.jpg These guys LOVE Chip!


February 7, 2007
…and I am in the midst of repaying like a dozen bets that somehow I knew I would be paying off before the game even started, since I knew that Rex Grossman would be doing a great Jake Plummer impression during the game. I’m surprised the guy didn’t throw 7 INTs and fumble 40 yards…


January 24, 2007
In honor of the totally sweet and awesome Chicago Bears making it to the Big Game, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest of sorts.  For all the smack-talkers out there, all you fans who hate Da Bears or think they suck or otherwise shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl, I will…


December 22, 2006
xmasstorybunny.jpg Immediately my feet began to sweat as those two fluffy little bunnies with the blue button eyes stared sappily up at me… I’ll be out of town for the next week, so I hope all you crazy cats and pink bunnies have a great holiday!! I hope all you guys n gals get everything you want…


December 19, 2006
Flagg-catalog.jpg With the holidays here, this seemed like a good time to share my memory of receiving one of the greatest gifts ever. Read on!   1985.  Arguably the greatest toy year ever, with Masters of The Universe, Transformers and G.I.Joe at the heights of popularity.  During that spring I had received the G.I.Joe Snow Cat vehicle, and…


December 14, 2006
stop-go.jpg I don’t know what its like in your area, but around here people have no concept of the Four-Way Stop system. None. At all. My life is in danger every single time I pull up at one of these deathtraps. Either no one goes, sitting in their spot for five minutes OR these morons hit…


December 7, 2006
festivus3.jpg You savvy Seinfeld viewers are no doubt familiar with this holiday, but for those who aren’t – a brief summary on the phenomenon known as Festivus. Created as a plot device for a Seinfeld episode, Festivus is a nondenominational celebration of the shunning of the traditional commercialism and materialism that accompanies the holiday season.  Frank Costanza…


November 30, 2006
100x100.jpg I’m sure some of you have seen this, but it is still cool. The amazing "Secret Menu" at In ‘n Out. Good stuff. Here in Colorado we don’t have In ‘N Out. It makes me sad. I love that place. I would eat this. Go check it out: http://supersizedmeals.com/food/article.php/20060125050438458


November 22, 2006
rockwell-1.jpg To all our Friends and Family here at AFI and beyond, have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Make sure you eat way too much, take a huge nap, watch the Broncos beat the Chiefs Thurs night and then get up at 3 AM to battle all the humanity on Black Friday!


November 8, 2006
SuperPowerLogo.gif   As some of you know, I am a certified James Robinson Starman nutjob.  Loved the character of Jack Knight, loved the series and Tony Harris’ artwork and loved pretty much anything else associated with the property. Still do. I re-read all the trades on a fairly continual basis – just great, great stuff. So with apologies to Robinson…