Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
AFi Editor-In-Chief Jason Geyer has been part of the online pop culture world for nearly 20 years, having founded some of the very first toy sites on the web including Raving Toy Maniac, ToyOtter, and now Action Figure Insider. Along the way he helped pioneer online coverage of industry events such as San Diego Comic Con, E3, Toy Fair, and CES. He is also a former toy designer who is now a marketing genius. If he does say so himself. And he does.
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February 16, 2009
So longtime readers will know that there is no love lost between me and Shocker Toys President Geoff Beckett. I’ve never been a fan of the company or the guy running it, and my occasional harsh reviews of their product has been met by attacks and legal threats. I preface this post with the above…


February 15, 2009
So I’ve been slacking off a bit on the ol’ blog, what with work demands and two major cons back to back. But I haven’t forgotten you, my friends. I have a bunch of really cool stuff to blog about int he near future, including part 2 & 3 of the "Rejected! Star Wars" concepts….


January 17, 2009
  It’s been a fairly good toy week. I wasn’t even looking hard and found most of DCUC 6 today, and had to really hold myself back from looking at any Targets because i don’t want to stumble across those clearance deals like $3.48 Marvel Legends and $35 Millennium Falcons. I’m trying to scale back,…


January 13, 2009
Man, Mattel really makes it hard to be a Mattel defender.  I like a lot of what they try to do, but between concept and execution, something just goes missing. Do they need to hire an engineer? Or fire the one they have and hire a good one?  I’m really hoping that everything I’m hearing…


January 10, 2009
Recently I needed to make a bunch of Trophies for a internal project at work, based upon two execs in my company. I sculpted some custom heads, but had no idea how to make that make copies, or what bodies to use for them. With the help of the amazing SpyMagician (who cast all the…


January 6, 2009
…is that Jason gets a stress fracture on his heel.  In V-Town to help set up some stuff for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, and all the walking coupled with my bad arches has given me the "excrutiating pain", as the kids call it. But thanks to my friendly local super Walgreens I…


January 4, 2009
crystal_ball.jpg I’ve never done real predictions for the year ahead before, but I do weigh in on things going down in the industry as they come up on message boards. A boss of mine once asked me how I always seemed to know what was going to happen; the truth is that you just have to…


January 2, 2009
happy_new_year.jpg   OK,  every year I avoid making any New Year’s Resolutions as I know I’m going to break them sooner or later. It’s a farce designed to make you feel like you’re being productive but in actuality you’re just saying you’ll do something in the future based on a bogus deadline. Why not a "new…


January 1, 2009
Well, 2008 is gone. It royally sucked, and might have been the worst year in recent memory. To celebrate, I’m going to share the pain with a select few companies in the first ever… Golden Otter Awards! So a word before we begin: these are my awards, my opinions, and you will possibly disagree with…


December 25, 2008
We wish you a very Merry Christmas (Festivus/Kwanzaa/Time Travel Hannukah) this year, and lots of wishes that everyone is getting whatever they wanted, but more importantly what they needed this very dismal year. To remind everyone just what this holiday means, we’d like to present to you this heartwarming tale of the homeless bathing with…


December 23, 2008
While this year has been less than stellar for most people, you cannot help but be hopeful of the future when you watch this incredibly inspiring speech: [youtube]d6wRkzCW5qI[/youtube] Happy Holidays, Folks!


November 11, 2008
I am astounded by this video. My heart goes out to this poor man, who cannot contain such power. How has this not hit the national networks, yet? Damn you, mainstream media!!! [youtube]rIVCpzSQTPc[/youtube]