Batman dead at 70 years old. SPOILERS
January 14, 2009


Batman is officially dead in the pages of Final Crisis #6 out today. We all knew it was coming for months and months, but was torques me off it is what is Batman’s last heroic act? 

Shooting Darkseid with a gun.

You can candy-coat it by having Batman say "This is a once-in-a-lifetime exception" but I’m sorry, that one act goes against EVERYTHING the character has stood for in the last 69 years. And the one last thing I respected the publishers of Batman for maintaining in his history.


Yes, yes, I know Batman used a gun his first year of publication, but in an age of common gun violence and action movie stars blasting away at everything in site, I could respect a Batman who found a way to do what he needed to without ever having to resorting to using a gun to solve his problems.


Now, I’m sure when DC is ready for another "BIG EVENT" they will find a way to bring Batman back from the "death that is life" (Whatever the hell that is) but even when DC eventually brings him back, the character I knew is truly dead.


Rest in Peace, Batman.



Scott Rogers
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  • BATMAN says:

    Batman using a Gun is like Hebrew National using Pigs in their Hot Dogs……..NEVER HAPPEN
    What are these guys thinking, there could have been a hundred other ways to deliver that fatal dose of Radion. Come on guy’s, with all the toys that Batman can create…….

    BAD MISTAKE…….someone fell asleep at the wheel on this one.

  • bleh says:

    So, basically, idealistic idiots would rather let the universe be doomed than save it through breaking your one holy rule.

    I’m sorry but that’s just dumb.

  • Bat Lantern says:

    It’s not about Bats saving the Universe since that is a perpetual struggle.. It was about messing around with one of the most iconic figures in graphic literature at the very core just to string together a weak story and go for “Shock and Awe!”. For a creative team of writers there have to be hundreds of ways they could have presented the event. Its not the act of shooting something that Bats opposed.. Its the fact that his parents were killed with a hand gun that put him off to guns.. Its the symbolism that’s important, not the literal. Now it seems that shock shock shock is all that sells and intelligent writing has little value. At least DC still has the GL story that is interesting and has some depth. ;-P -Just my 2 cents.

  • krakit says:

    Batman shooting Darksied with a gun didn’t bother me.
    I’ve been waiting for his character to mature by getting
    over his avoidance of guns. It’s just a tool like a knife
    is a tool. It can be used for good (cops using guns and
    doctors using scalpels) or it can be used for evil
    (robbers shooting someone and robbers stabbing someone).
    So it was good to see Batman taking a mature step forward.
    If he really wants to help society by capturing the kind
    of people who killed his parents, then he should put
    himself in a position where every resource is available
    to him – including all the kind of guns that exist
    and all the type of ammunition that exists (even rubber
    bullets). What I think is bogus about Batman is that he
    wages war on criminals in a way that puts himself above
    the law. He trespasses constantly and breaks many other
    laws in the name of the greater good for society. You
    would think by now he would have set up an agreement
    with a lot of governments to have some form of immunity
    after saving the world so many times. LOL

    What bothered me about FINAL CRISIS wasn’t Batman shooting
    a firearm, but how the story was too hard to follow, and
    in the last issue so many important events were glossed over.

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