Batman: DKR Pt. 2- Bruce Timm at NYCC 2012
October 13, 2012

At NYCC 2012 there was a sneak peek of Batman: Dark Knight Returns part 2, the movie looks great. Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano were on hand to promote the film. Trailer Below:



I spoke to Bruce Timm briefly and asked him about JLU:


Look for the movie on Bluray next year!

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  • Carter says:

    Uhhhhhh….Bruce Timm doesn’t sound like he collects JLU… o_O

  • demoncat says:

    i agree with bruce new frontier would have been better as a two parter or a mini series as for other stories that could get that treatment. kingdom come comes to mind or maybe titans hunt or judas contract but think dark knight returns is the only time they will do two films

  • Shellhead says:

    Kingdom Come must be 2 films. I wish they’d hurry up and do that one already. Of course, I’m not sure how they’d be able to mimic Ross’ style, though.

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