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Theft is becoming a huge problem with the WWE figures

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Posted by CM Bunk on February 27, 12 at 14:15:05

I never used to see this amount of theft from any line, but you can't go to a store now without finding at least one Mattel WWE figure with something missing.

Title belts, cloth shirts, knee pads, other accessories - and in the case on one unfortunate Flex Force CM Punk - a head! There was a decapitated CM Punk action figure hanging on the pegs like nothing was wrong.

The problem is getting even more dire with the TRU BAF series. It's hard enough to tell if the BAF pieces are even in the box, but with 2 of the figures already being short-packed, it's going to be an enormous headache to complete the Michael Cole BAF.

I know some people have reported TRU no longer accepting returns and even though that sucks for the honest buyer, something needs to be done to stop these kind of returns.

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