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I'm conflicted on this...

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Posted by Lobsterman on February 06, 12 at 20:27:00

In Reply to: yes, but the trick will be getting enough awareness of this place... txt posted by The Superfly

I agree completely with the sentiment that this stream-of-consiousness format is unique, useful, and maybe even necessary in the sea of generic proboards forums. I think the format was the one-of-a-kind selling proposition for RTM, and I worry that it could die a slow death without anything to distinguish it from other boards. I was also really glad to have found this reincarnation of sorts through an anonymous link on the new RTM.

However, I think it was a big slap in the face to Rob and Bobbi for that anonymous poster to poach their traffic like that. Eyeballs pay the bills, and it would really suck for anyone to actively encourage people to jump ship over there to come here.

So, yeah, conflicted. I followed the link, and yeah, I'll probably come here more than there over the weekend... :|

: The Buzz was my first stop every morning for news, now not so much...I need to spread the word so this site is actually useful for all of us this weekend...
: 'fly

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