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Re: Marvel Legends - I'm a casual Marvel fan. Any iconic classic costumes coming? txt

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Posted by StrangePlanet on April 13, 12 at 12:46:10

In Reply to: Marvel Legends - I'm a casual Marvel fan. Any iconic classic costumes coming? txt posted by Zappy

No classic looks of the big guns yet, unless you count Punisher in a trenchcoat in series 3, (taken from his look in early Jim Lee issues of Punisher War Journal) but that's hardly classic.

Series 1 had classic villains Klaw and Constrictor, and those are characters never done before.

Madame Mask in Series 2 is a new, classic character. The 2 members of the Wrecking Crew are classic. And Arnim Zola the BAF is classic. As is the BAF of Series 1, Terrax.

This all depends on what you think "classic" is really.

: I saw the new Marvel Legends in the store recently, and they were great looking figures. I didn't grab any though, because I don't have any attachment to the modern looks of many of the established characters. For example, that new Ghost Rider - that's a weird look for him, where is that even from?!
: I was closest to buying Thor, but there was something about him I wasn't crazy about, I don't remember what...
: Do you think we'll see any new figures featuring the more classic, iconic looks (I guess they'd be re-dos in many cases) for the characters (especially the big guns) or does Hasbro consider those "Already done years ago, and we're happy with them"?

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