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dreading finding out how broken my wallet is going to be . . .

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Posted by antonio on July 11, 12 at 11:22:19

In Reply to: SDCC I almost here! Anyone still get excited for reveals? Or are you over it now? nt posted by The Superfly

i've tried cutting down on how much i'm collecting these days, but i'm a huge sucker for the 3.75" and could get sucked in big time by the hobbit into going back after some of the older lines that are the same scale, like chronicles of narnia (love those movies!) . . .

should be interesting to see how much is revealed for the transformers line at SDCC as well - not a whole lot of interesting stuff was shown at botcon.

wondering if bandai will at least make a comment about the future of the thundercats line . . .

be very weird, probably the first year i don't think mattel is going to come up with anything interesting - there's the new DCnU, which i'm meh about, and the subscription of course, but i think the first time they won't be showing any new animated dc toys?

oh, and hoping DCD will be (a) pushing ahead with a 3.75" line and (b) eliminating the spontaneous joint breaking disease from the 3.75" toys.

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