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My problem with the DCU 2013 Sub

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Posted by mr Articulate on July 13, 12 at 20:08:38

6 figures revealed. All very nicely done, but 4 already done better by DC Direct. 5th figure Flash is nice, but not all that different from any other Flash figure. 6th figure Mallah also nice, but soooo similar to Grodd that I wonder if I really NEED this sub. What always appealed to me about DCUC was the amazing job they did on figures I'd never seen before - like Lightray, Killer Moth, Kalibak, Parademons, Guardian. The appealing thing about the remaining reveals for 2012 are the NEW figures never done before - Lead, Giant Girl, Platinum and Tin, and Dollman. I sadly forsee that the sub will sink in 2013.

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