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Re: What I like about the DCU 2013 Sub

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Posted by Wildcard on July 18, 12 at 18:06:57

In Reply to: My problem with the DCU 2013 Sub posted by mr Articulate

Even if some of these figures have been done by DC Direct before, Mattel's figures are more of a somewhat consistent style and scale (for the most part). They also have more articulation and the fact that they were sculpted by the Four Horsemen are big pluses for me. Yes, Mallah is similar to Grodd but they are re-using bucks. At least the original sculpt is good to begin with and he looks different enough to know that they are two separate characters. I do think that Wally West could have gone into the retail line since Flash is a recognizable character but over all, I'm looking forward to the figures coming.

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