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Re: What is the Best and Worst you saw at SDCC this year?

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Posted by Clutch on July 20, 12 at 02:29:40

In Reply to: What is the Best and Worst you saw at SDCC this year? posted by The Superfly

Best: The resurrected 79's Alien line by Super 7. That came out of left field for me. Huge surprise there.

Club Infinite Earths giving us characters like Elongated Man, the Phantom Stranger and Uncle Sam along with completing the Metal Men and nearly completing the Doom Patrol founders.

MOTUC finally delivering Ram Man and Jitsu next year.

Hasbro keeping the Marvel Universe line going. Their Star Wars reissues of vehicles like the BMF and AT-AT in Vintage Collection packaging.

Worst: I'd say news or lack thereof, along with a few disappointments.

Hasbro ending the Vintage Collection for now. Packaging was 95% of the reason why I collected Star Wars these past couple of years. I'm gonna miss that.

Hasbro not showing us updated prototypes of the Black Knight, Bearded Thor and Death's Head, if they exist. I hear New York might offer some hope on that front, so we'll see.

Mattel's offerings for MOTUC being so obscure that I'm not likely to renew my sub for 2013.

Stuff like that.

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