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Question About Matty Economics...

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Posted by Backpacker612 on July 21, 12 at 21:55:45

Just finished watching the new Matty video, which makes a lot of sense. One question is popping up in my mind though, hope someone with some "industry knowledge" might be able to answer it for me.

In the video, he says that the limited manufacturing run of the figures is part of the reason for them having a higher baseling price point; this makes sense. However, if they're no longer having any figures for day of release sale on the website, wouldn't that mean that they are likely to be reducing the run of each figure made? Wouldn't that, in a way, artificially inflate the price a bit? If you buy the first part of their argument, it seems that way to me....especially since most of their day of sale stocks always seems to sell out within 72 hours.

I'm no economic genius, but if someone else can explain it better I'd love some insight.

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