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Re: I don't know if it's Mattel's reluctance to put the line at retail...

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Posted by Firebat on July 28, 12 at 11:17:50

In Reply to: I don't know if it's Mattel's reluctance to put the line at retail... posted by Airmax

What bothers me is that Mattel will put a motu hot wheels line out at retail, but no figures. In my area, both walmarts sold out of these motu hot wheels at around $5 each. Now, I understand these cars are repaints. No new molds saves costs, etc. I think it shows that motu has recognization though. He man is not batman, but he's not blackstar either, and with no licensing fees to pay,I think Mattel could pull off an affordable line. Heck, give us the 2002 molds with new head sculpts, basic packaging, one accessory. Make sure each case has 2x BASIC he-man included. Always. No insane variants. Wave one could include the sword, wave two, the axe. Wave 3, and different head sculpt. Fun stuff for collectors, while kids could always get a regular he-man.

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